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  • Happy New Year

    A belated Happy New Year, and along with it some news. The SWAT Kats Encyclopedia will be undergoing a rebuild in the next few months, so new content may be a little sparse until it’s completed, as it’s going to…

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  • teaster-rdo

    SWAT Kats fan R.D.O. spent two years on S.A.T. Nekotach, creating every aspect of the comic, including edition, inking, story, designs, new characters, and coloring.

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  • hard-drive-featured

    His trademark Surge Coat allows him to to manipulate and travel through computer and electronic systems, making him a difficult thief to catch.

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    This mutated mad scientist is one of Megakat City’s most dangerous and elusive criminals.

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Your Most Complete Source For All Things SWAT Kats Since 1999

In 1993, Hanna-Barbera released SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron, an animated action show taking place in the world of Megakat City. It was based on characters created by Christian and Yvonne Tremblay. Despite early cancellation in its second season, the series remains popular with an active fanbase. In the United States it can occasionally be found in syndication on the Boomerang Cable Network.

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Updated May 17th, 2014 / In Miscellaneous

Welcome to Megakat City, a place to discuss the action-packed animated series SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron. Since its debut in 1993 on TBS, SWAT Kats has had a “cult following.” Whether making new fans or being rediscovered by old fans, the show continues to be a hit even after 20 years. This forum, meant for fans old and new, gives everyone the opportunity to gather together and talk about the series, share art and fiction, or just get to know one another and have fun. Megakat City strives to be the central hub fans come to for the latest…

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Happy New Year

Updated April 2nd, 2014 / In News

A belated Happy New Year, and along with it some news. The SWAT Kats Encyclopedia will be undergoing a rebuild in the next few months, so new content may be a little sparse until it’s completed, as it’s going to require lots of time to accomplish. Plans are to get things more mobile accessible and a little more future-proof, along with cleaning up a few things here and there that are showing their age. Stay tuned, and thanks for your patience. EDIT – The rebuild is taking longer than expected, and other work-related items have been taking up lots of…

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SWAT Kats – Simple Action

Updated November 18th, 2013 / In Video

Credit goes to Yorae. View the source »

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SWAT Kats Action Set

Updated November 3rd, 2013 / In Official Content

Originally posted by Jordan McCall, he said he saw these on an eBay auction a few years back and came across the photos again on his hard drive that he had saved. He doesn’t remember much else about the auction or item specifics, but these seem legitimate. On the backs it mentions the SNES game so it is likely these are promotional items for that, making a 1995 date probable.

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T-Bone Jack-o’-lantern

Updated October 25th, 2013 / In Fan Works

Christian Tremblay received some photos of a fan-made Jack-o’-lantern: I’m writing to you as one fan wrote me, a very nice mother of three kids, and she did a very nice T-Bone pumpkin, i would love to share it with the SK community. Credit goes to Jenni Chastain and her family for carving this.

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Promotional Sheets

Updated October 13th, 2013 / In Official Content, Uncategorized

The official show pitch and description for SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron. The text of the packet has been transcribed below for easier reading. A full gallery is at the end of the page. Program Introduction Your stomach tightens with excitement as you feel the building vibration of an experimental triple-turbine engine beneath you. A quick pre-flight check of the Turbokat: the most advanced fighter jet the world has ever known-then, suddenly, your body is slammed deep into the pilot’s seat as you take off, building toward a six-G climb toward the beautiful and dangerous skies of Megakat City. Your…

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Razor by Blindrat

Updated September 29th, 2013 / In Artwork, Blog

Credit goes to Blindrat. View the source »

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Five Reasons SWAT Kats Deserves a Reboot

Updated September 19th, 2013 / In Blog, Miscellaneous

An article from Unleash The Fanboy gives a favorable review of the Radical Squadron and why the show is ready for a second chance: “Though not originally a cult classic (it was the number one syndicated animated show of 1994), SWAT Kats still has a very dedicated fan base. While looking up information on the show (besides what I already knew), I came across multiple websites, wikis,  artwork, and fan fiction to this beloved cartoon. I even came across a web comic about  a new team of SWAT Kats called Nova Squadron.” Continue reading »

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Dr. Viper by Blindrat

Updated September 18th, 2013 / In Artwork, Blog

Credit goes to Blindrat. View the source »

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Happy 20th Anniversary!

Updated September 11th, 2013 / In Blog, Miscellaneous

20 years ago today, SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron debuted on TBS! The first episode was The Pastmaster Always Rings Twice and from there fans saw two awesome seasons of the action adventure animated series produced by the greatly missed Hanna-Barbera studios. The fandom has seen its ups and downs in activity but the SWAT Kats still live on through fan sites, fan art, fan fiction, role play games and various social networks. I actually watched the first episode as it aired and was hooked instantly. Then later discovering the online fandom and other people who loved the show helped…

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SWAT Kats Unplugged / Today's Featured Episode / December 19, 2014

Hard Drive uses a stolen “anti-weapons scrambler” to deactivate the Turbokat’s weapon systems.

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