If I lose, everyone loses.

The SWAT Kats, T-Bone and Razor, are two ready-for-anything daredevil jet pilots, eager to do whatever it takes to keep their city safe, no matter how risky or insane!

3D modeler and animator Nikhil Bhoyrekar is working on a fan game entitled "SWAT KATS: RETALIATION" and in celebration of the show's 28th anniversary he's released the above teaser trailer! Visit his YouTube channel and make sure to like and subscribe! Follow him on Twitter to see updates on his latest 3D SWAT Kats projects.
You can also see more of his renders here.

Created in 1993 by Christian and Yvon Tremblay, this action-packed show has earned an influential cult internet following that fueled a 2015 Kickstarter and raised $141,500 in an effort to bring back the show! Here at SWATKATS.info you can find hundreds of entries, thousands of images and links to all the great fan creations across the internet. Make sure to BUY SWAT KATS ON DVD, follow us on Twitter, talk with fans on MegakatCity.com, and listen to The MEGA SWAT Kast Podcast. Search above or browse below!

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