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Circa 1995, SWAT Kats fan Strike made the SWAT Kat Zone (known as Strike’s SWAT Kat Zone or The SK Zone), one of the first SWAT Kats fan sites that collected various official and fan made SWAT Kats content, including storyboards, model sheets, screenshots, fan art, fan lists and other sundry items. SWAT Kats fan Kooshmeister (a.k.a. xxxDoctorViper) was one of the leading informational contributors to the SK Zone, providing various text lists of biographical and appearance data.

In 1999, SWAT Kats fan MoDaD started The SWAT Kats Encyclopedia, a website intended as a companion site to the SK Zone, focusing primarily on item-by-item entries accompanied by images. In 2000, Kooshmeister joined The SWAT Kats Encyclopedia as a senior staff member and one of the main content contributors. Over the years, the Encyclopedia grew to include a growing amount of exclusive content, and several other fans including FelonyKat, Mr. Goodkat, Craig Rohloff and Mark Lungo donated their time and effort with the website’s various projects and endeavors.

Circa 2002, Strike retired from the SWAT Kats fandom, and the SK Zone passed into the possession of various fans, though eventually growing defunct and disappearing from the internet (an archive of the original site has been setup here:

Circa 2008, the SWAT Kats Encyclopedia absorbed the majority of the SK Zone’s content, and became one of the leading SWAT Kats fansites on the internet.

Today, the Encyclopedia has been rechristened simply as, and has expanded to include several on-site events, video features and other exclusive interactions with the show’s creators, and is dedicated to be at the forefront of the SWAT Kats Revolution. // A constant work in-progress 1999 - 2024 // SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron was created by Christian and Yvon Tremblay for Hanna-Barbera Cartoons Inc.

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