Directions To The

SWAT Kats Get-Together

@7:00 PM Pacific time on Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Activities Center is in the center of the Park La Brea development, which is located between 3rd Street (to the North) and 6th Street (to the South).

The nearest entrance gate is located on the corner of 6th Street & Curson Ave. (between Fairfax and La Brea).

Please enter at 6th Street and Curson Avenue.


Park La Brea Activity Center
475 South Curson Avenue
West Los Angeles, CA

To park inside Park La Brea, please stop at the entry gate at 6th and Curson, tell the guard you are here for the SWAT Kats event. The guard will give you a parking pass to display on your dash board and direct you where to go. Turn left immediately from the gate onto Alandele Avenue. At the turnabout, make a right onto Lindenhurst. The Activity Center will be straight ahead. Park in any open spot. Handicapped parking is adjacent to the center. Parking at the Activity Center is LIMITED. See walking directions below.


Otherwise, there is city parking on 6th Street on both sides of the street.  If you park on 6th street you can come walking by the 6th street gate.

Walk straight through the gate on 6th and Curson, take a left on Alandele Ave. (Past the pool, Alandele will curve right). Take a right at Lindenhurst, then walk straight to the Activities Center. It is a low rise gray building.

Park La Brea Theater is directly across from the Activity Center. There is also a small Cafe that you are welcome to enjoy.

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