Debuting in season 2, Lt. Felina Feral is Commander Feral’s niece. She is easily the most capable of the Enforcers, and one of the few who seems able to keep pace with the SWAT Kats. Unlike her uncle, she often fearlessly employs tactics that he views as reckless. Lt. Feral is an expert pilot, capable of flying both the Enforcer Chopper and Jet, and an above-average armed and unarmed combatant.

A Different Kind of Enforcer

A Different Kind of Enforcer

In many situations Lt. Feral seems to have an underlying disrespect for authority, and doesn’t like being told what to do by anyone.

Commander Feral’s stated reason for keeping her on the force is because his brother would never forgive him if he discharged her.

As the season progressed, Felina is often seen as Feral’s right-hand Enforcer, personally leading other commandos into hot zones.

Unlike her uncle, she seems to give the SWAT Kats the benefit of the doubt, as evident in investigation of the “accident” that was engineered by Dark Kat to shatter Razor’s self-confidence.


In the unaired episode Succubus!, Felina investigates a rash of deaths in Megakat City in which male victims turned up dessicated and drained of life. She witnesses her uncle gradually age into an old man the longer he dates the beautiful and mysterious Katrina Moorkroft. She and Callie Briggs seek the help of Dr. Abby Sinian, who reveals Katrina is actually a succubus draining Feral’s lifeforce like the other victims. While spying on her uncle and Katrina at Moorkroft Manor, Felina is captured by Katrina’s servants Otto and Laszlo, but rescued by the SWAT Kats. With their help, she is able to save her uncle from the succubus’ clutches.