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We would help, but combat is not our way, warrior.


The Aqueons are a kat-like alien race. Their fur is light blue green. Hair colors include light blue-green, blonde, white and black. Along the ridge of their nose going up to the top and ending at the back of their heads is a green-yellow boney tube like thing. Aqueon eye color seems to be yellow with more cat like slits for a pupil instead of a rounded one. Aqueon males can have facial hair if they do not shave it. Aqueons are the same height range as kats.

They appear to be pacifist beings, refusing to fight and thus were easily captured by the space pirate Mutilor. Their technology is far more advanced than the kats’ as they have achieved the ability for intergalactic travel. They are also able to condense a planet’s worth of water for travel and are able to make quick repairs to any sort of vehicle.

Despite their stance against violence, they carried handheld laser weapons, and their leader Grimalken kicked one of Mutilor’s guards in the face when he saw that he (the guard) was going for a weapon, preventing him from firing.


In the script for When Strikes Mutilor, the aliens are called the Grimalkins, and their leader is named Kwi-Ess. In the final version of the episode, they’re referred to as Aqueons and “Grimalkin” is now the name of their leader.

Lance Falk’s original idea for the aliens was that they would be humans in NASA spacesuits who breathed a different atmosphere than Mutilor, his henchmen and the kats. Consequently, they’d be wearing helmets with tinted visors so their faces couldn’t me seen. Their identity as human astronauts would only be revealed at the end of the episode when they took their helmets off after returning the ship’s atmosphere to normal. Buzz Potemkin told Falk to make the ship’s original owners kat aliens instead.

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