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Black-Haired Reporter

Black-Haired Reporter
Well, which is it, Commander? Do you have this wacko or don't you?


This Kat’s Eye News reporter was one of several news crews who arrived at the Megakat Refinery following the SWAT Kats’ defeat of Morbulus. While his colleague Ann Gora questioned Mayor Manx about whether the “refinery reign of terror” had ended, the black-haired reporter asked Commander Feral whether or not the Enforcers had Morbulus in custody. Feral replied that he had escaped and likely drowned in the bay. The following day, he, along with Ann and another reporter from Kat’s Eye News, attended the ribbon cutting ceremony at Manx Municipal Park.


He appears in model sheets for Metal Urgency, but ultimately was not used in the episode. In the original script, several news crews follow Feral down into the impact crater left by the fallen Macro-Bots and witness him reject the Metallikats’ offer and deactivate them. This black-haired reporter was likely to be among them. However, in the finished episode, only Callie is present.

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