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My cyclops will pound you into eternity!


Giant one-eyed monsters brought from another time and controlled by the Pastmaster back in the Dark Ages. In all, the Pastmaster summoned three cyclopes. He controlled them using clay figures which he fashioned by hand and placed in a cauldron in his tower. The first was a horned brute with a yellow eye, carrying a huge wooden club. The Pastmaster spoke through the creature and asked Queen Callista if she’d reconsidered his marriage proposal. When she said she still refused, he angrily had the cyclops use his club to kill several Megalith City guards protecting the queen, and would’ve also attacked her and Tabor had the SWAT Kats not arrived. They tied the cyclops’ ankles together, causing him to fall off of a nearby. To signal his death, back in the Pastmaster’s tower, the clay figure representing the beast exploded.

The Pastmaster latter summoned two more cyclopes. One was like the first, with a horn, but had a red eye instead of a yellow one. The other one lacked a horn entirely. The two converged on Megalith City and began battering at its walls with their clubs, knocking numerous brave guards to their deaths. The Pastmaster told Callista he would call off the attack if she married him. However, by this time, the SWAT Kats had gotten the Turbokat repaired, and attacked the two one-eyed giants using Dark Age-style weaponry.

The first cyclops (the one without the horn) was hit in the face with a huge spiked mace which swung down from the Turbokat’s undercarriage. He fell flat on his back and didn’t get up. It’s unknown if he died or was merely knocked unconscious. The second cyclops angrily resorted to uprooting trees and throwing them at the Turbokat, before the SWAT Kats deployed a cauldron of pepper stew from the jet’s bomb bay, drenching him. Blinded by the spicy stew, the cyclops stumbled backwards off of a nearby cliff and fell to his death.


The horned cyclopes are an apparent reference to the ones in the film The 7th Voyage of Sinbad.

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