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Abner Doolittle

Abner Doolittle
He was no hero, sonny. He was the most evil kat who ever took to the air: The Red Lynx.


Abner Dolittle was a Mega War II veteran who’d witnessed the final battle between the Blue Manx and the Red Lynx.

Years later, he became a dockworker. While working with his crane in the area of Megakat Bay where the Red Lynx had been shot down, he was astonished when he dredged up the enemy pilot’s biplane. When one of his fellow dockworkers gushed that the plane must’ve belonged to a “a real war hero,” Dolittle was quick to correct him, calling the Red Lynx the most evil kat who’d ever lived.

Later, he was interviewed by Ann Gora about his find, and recounted the tale of the Red Lynx’s final battle against the Blue Manx, after which the biplane was taken to the museum.


He is named for Lt. Colonel James Doolittle, who led the famous “Doolittle Raid” following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in World War II.

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