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Dr. Leiter Greenbox

Dr. Leiter Greenbox
I never realized my creation could acquire so much power.


First working at Gemkat Labs then Megakat University Greenbox’s career has been filled with technological catastrophe.

His first invention, the Gemkat 6000 malfunctioned and transformed inmate Rex Shard into a giant Crystal monster. Greenbox corrected for the error by modifying the same device to reverse the effects.

Later Greenbox created the Micro-Brain Repair Unit, which could fix any kind of broken technology. It later gained sentience and assimilated all things made of metal, gaining an appetite for world domination in the process.

Out of sheer recognition for what his genius had created, Greenbox turned on the forces of good and merged with his machine. Later defeated Greenbox was turned over the Enforcers where his fate is uncertain.


Greenbox was originally created by Lance Falk to be the villain in Destructive Nature. In Falk’s original outline, Greenbox was a botanist (explaining one meaning of his name, another word for “greenhouse”) and was the one who created the Plantimals. However, it was decided to bring back Dr. Viper instead.

Greenbox’s full name – Leiter Greenbox – isn’t just a reference to his original profession as a botanist. It is also a reference to the Litter Green brand of cat litter.

In the script for Chaos in Crystal, Greenbox is described as resembling Woody Harrelson and being a “geological technician.”

Dr. Leiter Greenbox Stills Gallery

Dr. Leiter Greenbox Stills Gallery

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