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Enforcer Dispatchers

Enforcer Dispatchers
All units in the area, please respond.


Enforcer control room technicians responsible for maintaining constant contact between Enforcer Headquarters and their units in the field. While searching for the Metallikats during their first appearance, T-Bone tuned in to an Enforcer band and listened to a dispatcher alerting all units to an out of control armored vehicle, which turned out to be the Metallikats Express.

When Dark Kat’s Kommando-Kats broke into Megakat Superconductors, a guard triggered an alarm, alerting a dispatcher in the control room at Enforcer Headquarters. He quickly radioed Chopper One to intercept Dark Kat’s Black Widow as it left the laboratory.

Later, when the Pastmaster opened a time vortex in the mountains and summoned up the pyramid of Katchu Picchu, the mysterious storms and tremors were reported to the Enforcers, and a dispatcher duly informed the lead pilot of Mountain Sector’s Unit One.

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