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Enforcer Headquarters

Enforcer Headquarters


The main base of operations for the Enforcers, located in the heart of Megakat City. This building is the command center of the Enforcers, housing its administrative and operational resources including laboratories, evidence lockers, holding cells, offices and vehicles.

It’s most distinguishing features are its upper floors that have numerous helipads and a full-scale elevated runway with hangar from which the copious amount of Enforcer aircraft are deployed from. Defensive canons which can be used against air and ground targets defend the building.

Shortly after the building’s initial completion it was partially destroyed during by the damaged aircraft of then Enforcer pilots Chance Furlong and Jake Clawson who were forced to eject after pursuing Dark Kat in a mid-air collision involving Commander Feral’s aircraft.

The building has been the target of numerous villains, most notably Dark Kat who attempted to destroy it on at least three occasions, citing it as “the justice machine that protects Megakat City.”

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