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Female Bystander

Female Bystander


This kat was a citizen of Megakat City. Wearing a pearl necklace, she was first seen running for her life from the rampaging Metallikat Express as Mac and Molly Mange drove towards City Hall, intent on killing Mayor Manx. Later, she attended the Manx Invitational Golf Tournament at Megakat Springs. When Rex Shard attacked the golf course, she was turned into crystal. Along with everyone else, she was turned back to normal when the SWAT Kats defeated Shard. Some time after this, she was among those seeing the gold transport train off at the high speed railway, shortly before it was attacked by Hard Drive.


She was originally created for The Giant Bacteria, but ultimately did not appear in that episode. Consequently, her first appearance is in The Metallikats. Her presence in Chaos in Crystal is based on the fact that the model sheets of the golf game attendees include her, the male bystander with the briefcase and the father of the little boy with white hair dressed in golf clothes.

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