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Little Boy’s Father

Little Boy’s Father
What are the SWAT Kats doing, Daddy?


This kat was the father of a little boy who lived in Megakat City. The two were out one day when the Turbokat appeared overhead. The boy excitedly pointed at the jet, and everyone around began cheering. Suddenly, however, the jet began firing on nearby buildings. The father grabbed his son’s arm and dragged him to safety. As the two hid, the boy asked his father what the SWAT Kats were doing, but his father had no answer. The two survived the attack. Later, the father, without his son, wearing a red sweater and sunglasses, attended the Manx Invitational Golf Tournament at Megakat Springs. He was turned to crystal by Rex Shard along with everyone else on the course, but later returned to normal after the SWAT Kats defeated Shard.


He and his son were originally designed to appear in The Giant Bacteria. However, for some reason they weren’t used in that episode. The two also appear in model sheets for Metal Urgency, but weren’t used in that episode either. His presence in Chaos in Crystal is based on the fact that the model sheets of the golf game attendees are him, the female bystander with the necklace and the male bystander with the briefcase wearing different clothes.

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