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Male Bystander #1

Male Bystander #1


This kat was a citizen of Megakat City who often wore a white double-breasted business suit and a black fedora. He was typically seen carrying a briefcase. He was present on the boarding platform in the subway when the one-eyed bacteria monster entered, but somehow managed to escape, later turning up in a crowd of curious onlookers at the Megakat Nuclear Plant during Dark Kat’s break-in, told by an ornery Lieutenant Commander Steel to keep back.

He was present at the Megakat Springs Golf course, wearing golfing clothes, during the Manx Tournament. He was presumably turned to crystal by Rex Shard when he attacked the golf course, and thereafter returned to normal along with everyone else after Shard was defeated by the SWAT Kats.

Sometime after this, he apparently took up a career in journalism, as he was seen among reporters and news photographers aboard the aircraft carrier during the unveiling of the Blue Manx Jet. He was last seen among a crowd of onlookers seeing off the gold transport train shortly before it was attacked by Hard Drive, this time wearing a darker-colored suit than his usual white on.


His presence in Chaos in Crystal is based on the fact that the model sheets of the golf game attendees are him, the female bystander with the necklace and the father of the white-haired little boy wearing different clothes. He also appears in model sheets for Metal Urgency, but ultimately isn’t used in that episode.

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