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MASA Foreman


A foreman employed at MASA. He was supervising the preparations to launch the Mega-Beam along with a scientist from Puma-Dyne. When she departed so she would be safe from the blast of the rockets, the foreman went to make some last minute checks before following her and caught Turmoil’s lieutenant and two Omega Squadron pilots disguised as technicians, having broken in to install components which would bring the Mega-Beam under Turmoil’s control following its launch. The lieutenant attacked the foreman and knocked him out, and she and her companions left him to his apparent death when the rocket launched, however he apparently managed to wake up and get out of the blast radius in time, since he was seen in the control room later.


The MASA foreman appears in the unfinished season two episode Turmoil 2: The Revenge. His survival appears to be a script continuity error, as he is never actually described waking up and managing to get off of the launch pad in time. He simply reappears later without explanation in the control room with the mission controller and Puma-Dyne scientist.

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