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Megakat City Light and Power

Megakat City Light and Power
SWAT Kats! Hard Drive has escaped! He’s overloaded Megakat City Light and Power!


One of the power companies in Megakat City. It was attacked and overloaded by Hard Drive following his teamup with Dark Kat.


The actual power company and Hard Drive’s attack on it is never seen. It is only mentioned in dialogue. However, a scene was planned in which the attack would be depicted, complete with background art of the destroyed power plant, used as the main image.

A “Megakat Power and Light” would’ve appeared in Succubus!, when one of its workers was drained of his lifeforce by Katrine Moorkroft. We wouldn’t have actually seen the company or the incident it was involved in, only the dead body of the worker with the company’s logo on his hardhat.

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