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Megakat Mint

Megakat Mint
We just wanna cut out the middle man.


The Megakat Mint was where all of the money used in Megakat City’s banks was minted. The Metallikats attempted to rob it – as Mac explained, they were tired of robbing every bank in the city and so had decided to hit where the money was actually made (he called it “cutting out the middle man”). They were prevented first by the on duty supervisor’s refusal to open the vault for them, then by the arrival of the Enforcers, and finally by the SWAT Kats. The mint interior was largely destroyed during the ensuing battle. Mac lost his new “Mega-Arm” and Molly was electrocuted after being knocked against a junction box. Although the two badly damaged robots escaped without a single cent of the money, Commander Feral told the SWAT Kats it would cost “millions” to repair the damage to the building.


In the unfinished episode Turmoil 2: The Revenge, the mint provides – very much against their will – the $50 million in gold demanded by Turmoil in exchange for not using the Mega-Beam again.

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