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Megakat Tower

Megakat Tower
At three-hundred stories, Megakat Tower is the tallest, most modern office complex in the whole city.


Standing at 300 stories this tower is the tallest building in the city, located just down the street from City Hall. It has had a rough string of bad luck however, as incidences with Dr. Viper and the Ci-Kat-A have left the building in ruins more than once.


The Megakat Tower would’ve featured in (and been destroyed) in the unfinished episode Turmoil 2: The Revenge. After Turmoil hijacks the Mega-Beam, the 300-story skyscraper is her first target. A blast from the orbiting laser satellite melts the building down completely into “a puddle.”

It was also to have been destroyed in Blowout!, Lance Falk’s unused script which eventually became Katastrophe. Dark Kat’s out of control “Fear Train” crashes into the base of the building, which topples over on top of the vehicle with Dark Kat and the Metallikats inside, blowing them up.

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