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Mummy Commandos

Mummy Commandos


Gigantic, mummified kat warriors who served Katchu Picchu. They were controlled through the Jeweled Headdress of Katchu Picchu, and wielded scorpion-shaped beam weapons that were obviously supernatural in origin. Resurrected in modern-day Megakat City by the Pastmaster with the power of the Headdress, the mummies were sent by the evil wizard to take over the city for him and kill Mayor Manx.

However, their mission changed abruptly when the Pastmaster noticed how much Deputy Mayor Briggs resembled his long-lost love, Queen Callista. Forgetting all about taking over Megakat City, the Pastmaster instructed two of the mummies to capture the Deputy Mayor and return to the pyramid with her. The remaining mummies stayed behind to fend off the SWAT Kats and the Enforcers to prevent them from following.

Due to the fact that the mummies could not stand light, they all wore special tinted visors over their sensitive eyes. But when the SWAT Kats shattered the visor of one mummy by ramming it into a building after picking it up with Mega-Manacles, the sunlight quickly caused the mummy to disintegrate into lifeless pink sludge. Two more mummies, with the help of Cybertron as a distraction, were destroyed when the Swat Kats shattered their visors with Octopus Missiles. They quickly spread the word to Commander Feral, and soon the Enforcers were victorious over all the mummies in the city.

Upon going to the pyramid, the SWAT Kats were briefly inconvenienced by the two mummies who had taken Ms. Briggs, but Razor shattered their visors with some well-placed kicks, allowing T-Bone to shine a flashlight into their eyes. It then became apparent that light of any kind, and not just sunlight, was capable of killing them, as the flashlight beams caused the final two mummies to melt away and die.

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