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Nuclear Plant Guards

Nuclear Plant Guards
Halt or we’ll shoot!


Security guards defending the Megakat Nuclear Power Plant from attack. Two at the main gate drew their laser pistols in response to the appearance of the Fear Ship, but were intimidated into fleeing when Dark Kat melting their booth. More guards, several in Jeeps, surrounded the vehicle when it landed, and were warned to back away by a holographic projection of the evil mastermind.

Undaunted, the guards drove their Jeeps forwards, but the Fear Ship fired its laser at them. The guards were barely able to bail out before their vehicles exploded. After this display of Dark Kat’s power, plant security impeded Dark Kat no further, and the Enforcers were called in.

Later, when Dr. Street’s MASA van broke through the perimeter fence and crashed into the side of the building, followed by Razor on the Cyclotron, the two guards from the front gate approached. When the queen Ci-Kat-A climbed out of the van and attacked Razor, the guards drew their laser pistols and fired at it, only to be incapacipated by its piercing shriek, dropping their weapons and falling down, clutching their ears and groaning.


Except for the two at the front gate, all of the guards are drawn and colored exactly alike, similar to the Enforcer commandos/pilots and the mobsters in The Metallikats.

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