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Come, we should go to the observatory and watch the eclipse. I promise you it will be a sight you'll never see again.


An ornate observatory on the second floor of Moorkroft Manor, allowing for optimal stargazing and astronomical pursuits. Katrina Moorkroft, however, used it as a room to drain her victims, who were usually tied to a pillar in the center of the room awaiting their fate. Katrina drained the Skycor Towers foreman in the observatory, and attempted to do the same to Commander Feral later, after luring him into the room under the pretense of watching an eclipse with her. As she drained him, she forced a captive Felina to watch.

The observatory suffered major damage during the SWAT Kats’ battle against Katrina and her servants when they broke in to rescue Feral and Felina, first when T-Bone and Razor used their Glovatrixes to launch the tri-head through the wall, and then when Felina knocked the transformed Otto into (and through) the pillar normally used to hold Katrina’s victims, bringing a large portion of the roof down.

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