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Prison Van

Prison Van
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A van used by the guards of the Megakat Maximum Security Prison. Talon and Lem drove Rex Shard out to the prison’s diamond mines so he could test out the Gemkat 6000. After Shard was transformed and gained his powers, turning Lem to crystal, Talon tried to escape in the van, but Shard prevented him, turning both him and the vehicle into crystal. When the SWAT Kats defeated Shard later, Talon, Lem and their van returned to normal.


Despite being utilized by the prison, it features an Enforcer logo on the hood. It’s unknown if this means the prison and its personnel are connected to the Enforcers.

The van’s basic design has been recycled several times, most notably as the MASA van driven by Dr. Street in The Ci-Kat-A and as the vehicles driven by the resistance members in A Bright and Shiny Future. It’s possible it’s simply a common type of van in Megakat City.

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