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Relationships - Razor / Jake Clawson

Chance Furlong, a.k.a. T-Bone, is Clawson’s best friend, ultimate rival and most trusted ally. He provides the muscle, heart and uncanny piloting ability to the team, complimenting Clawson’s analytical approach with quick-reaction and determination. The two operate Jake and Chance’s Garage, a car mechanic shop, in addition to running the salvage yard.

Callie Briggs

Relationships - Razor / Jake Clawson

Callie Briggs, the Deputy Mayor, is a point of attraction for Clawson, though he is often shy in her presence when she stops by the garage to get a tune-up for her sedan. As Razor, Clawson’s shyness completely disappears, however. Ms. Briggs is the SWAT Kats main source of information about threats to the city, often times giving them early warning via a secret communicator. They in return often reply to her distress calls as she occasionally finds herself in danger from said threats.

Queen Callista

Relationships - Razor / Jake Clawson

When the Pastmaster inadvertently brought the SWAT Kats back to the Dark Ages, the SWAT Kats encountered ancient Megalith City’s ruler, Queen Callista, who became enamored with Razor when he pulled the Dragon Sword from its stone.

According to legend, this made Razor the legendary hero who would defeat the Pastmaster. Much to the annoyance of T-Bone, Razor seemed to bask in his new found status, particularly as it earned him the favor and attention of Callista.

Despite frequent warnings from T-Bone not to “let the hero stuff go to his head,” Razor became more reckless in his attempts to impress Callista, and would have been killed by the Pastmaster’s minions if T-Bone had not rescued him.

Ultimately, Razor regained his humility and trusted T-Bone to take the final shot that would defeat the Pastmaster, and repairing their friendship.

Callista noted that the legend neglected to mention there would be two heroes, and acknowledged both of them for their heroism before returning the SWAT Kats back to the present.

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