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Sleek Jet


A large jet which served as an escape vehicle for Turmoil and her followers, breaking them out of Alkatraz during a riot. It flew them to the Cloud Fortress in the Megakat Mountains. Later, when Turmoil and a mind-controlled T-Bone were fleeing the base in the Turbokat after the Mega-Beam was turned against it, Razor and Cybertron stole the jet, which had been left behind by Turmoil’s also fleeing followers because they’d taken their gyrocopters instead. Razor used the jet to chase down the Turbokat and engage his brainwashed partner in an aerial battle, before forcing his opponents to land by disabling the Turbokat’s power remotely.

Landing and getting out of the jet, Razor offered Turmoil the Turbokat as well as the remote control for its power kill switch so she could turn it back on if she’d free T-Bone from her control. When she refused and tried to shoot Razor, Cybertron, who’d been hiding in the jet’s cargo bay, flew out in one of Turmoil’s gyrocopters and grabbed her gun away from her. When a grenade thrown by Turmoil caused an enormous avalanache, although the Turbokat survived, it is unknown what became of the other jet.

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