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A snowmobile-like vehicle similar in design to the Sandkat, but intended for wintry environments instead of arid ones. Razor and Cybertron used the Snowkat to traverse the snowy peaks of the Megakat Mountains in an effort to reach Turmoil’s Cloud Fortress. They were attacked by two of Turmoil’s guards on snowmobiles, but Razor fired missiles, blowing the two enemy vehicles up. Not long after, as the Snowkat was crossing a bridge made of ice, Omega Squadron attacked in six gyrocopters, shooting and destroying the ice bridge. As they plummetted into the gorge below, Razor and Cybertron leaped off of the vehicle; Razor deployed his Delta Hang Glider while Cybertron unfurled a parasail, allowing the now empty Snowkat to continue falling to its destruction far below.

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