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The Red Lynx

The Red Lynx
It's not over yet, Manx!


Known as the most evil pilot in history, the Red Lynx dominated the skies during Megawar II, shooting down all that dared to oppose him. It wasn’t until the debut of the Blue Manx did this pilot ever get shot down.

The Blue Manx, great grandfather to Mayor Manx, was made famous for his actions that day, and the Red Lynx was apparently killed in the crash. Many years later, Abner Doolittle, a worker as Megakat Harbor fished out the Red Lynx’s bi-plane from the murky depths, and brought it ashore. The plane was transferred to the Megakat Museum of History, where it was put on display in the aviation section. Then, one moonlit night, the spirit of the Red Lynx manifested, and took off in the bi-plane, seeking revenge, and vowed to take it on the Blue Manx’s only living descendent, Mayor Manx.

The only way to stop this avenging spirit would be for Manx to shoot down the ghost pilot. After much aerial dog fighting with the SWAT Kats, the Red Lynx was presumed shot down, but this was short lived, as he stole the new Enforcer jet prototype “The Blue Manx”, and used it to try again to take out Manx. With the aid of the SWAT Kats, Mayor Manx was able to shoot him down on the cyclotron, while T-Bone distracted him in the Turbokat, silencing his ghost for eternity, or, until he resurfaces again…


He is named for Imperial German ace Manfred von Richtofen, whose nickname during World War I was the Red Baron. Unlike the Red Lynx, however, von Richtofen was not a war criminal and not remembered as an evil man.

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