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A ferocious three-headed beast which served the succubus Katrina Moorkroft. In what could be considered its “normal” form, it appeared as a harmless pet ferret which Katrina often wore as a fashion accessory. When Felina Feral and Callie Briggs went to the Megakat City Museum of History to speak with Dr. Abby Sinian concerning the gruesome deaths plaguing Megakat City as well as the mysterious, accelerated aging Felina’s uncle Commander Feral was undergoing, Katrina’s chauffeur Otto followed them and brought the ferret with him. Otto released the ferret which transformed into the tri-head and attacked them. However, the beast was defeated by the SWAT Kats. It fought them a second time later at Moorkroft Manor, but was defeated again and killed when they fired their Glovatrixes into two of its mouths, knocking it back into a wall in Katrina’s observatory, causing the wall to collapse on top of it, crushing it.


Like its owner, the tri-head appears in the unfinished season two episode Succubus!, also known as The Curse of Kataluna. Although the episode never aired because it was never finished, the script exists in its complete form.

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