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As you can see, all attempts to resist will be futile. From now on, the skies belong to Turmoil!


Turmoil is a powerful military leader and extortionist with a Russian accent who arrived over Megakat City with a simple demand: either the city pay her $2 million dollars in gold or she would interdict the skies of Megakat City with her Vertigo Canon, a dangerous ray emitting weapon that caused pilots to experience debilitating nausea and to lose control of their aircraft.

Along with her massive, flying hover carrier, an army of loyal soldiers, and her own squadron of all-female fighter pilots known as the Omega Squadron, Turmoil was more than capable of carrying out her threats.

While demonstrating the Vertigo Canon’s capabilities, Turmoil nearly caused a commercial airliner to crash.

Due to the quick actions of the SWAT Kats, the airliner was saved and able to make a safe landing.

Lt. Felina Feral, first Enforcer on the scene, broadcast her attempt to arrest Turmoil, and was the next target of the weapon, who likewise was narrowly saved by the SWAT Kats.

The SWAT Kats attempted to engage Turmoil’s forces, and were able to match the Omega Squadon, but ultimate fell victim to the Vertigon Canon.

T-Bone’s dog fighting prowess impressed Turmoil, and she ordered the Turbokat to be brough aboard. T-Bone was able to eject Razor – who had passed out from the effects of the Vertigo Beam – just prior to capture and before passing out.

Once on board the carrier, T-Bone was presented with an offer by Turmoil: either he become her second-in-command, or she kill would kill him.

He gave the pretense of agreeing, and played into Turmoil’s apparent affection for him. He was given a flight commander’s uniform bearing Turmoil’s insignia, but before he could be fully trusted, T-Bone would have to prove his loyalty by killing Razor. It was all a ruse so that he could plant remote detonators all over Turmoil’s ship, and his plan worked. The ship was destroyed, and Turmoil arrested and sent to Alkatraz. However, her feelings for T-Bone were unchanged.


Turmoil was voiced by Kath Soucie in Cry Turmoil.

In the unfinished episode Turmoil 2: The Revenge, Turmoil and her entire crew escape from Alkatraz and gain control of the Mega-Beam laser satellite, controlling it from a mountaintop based called the Cloud Fortress. Turmoil uses it to destroy buildings and bridges in Megakat City until Mayor Manx agrees to pay them $50 million in gold. As part of the payment, she insists T-Bone personally deliver the gold, capturing him when he arrives and installing a “Crown of Obedience” on his head that turns him into her mindless slave. She also captures and reprograms the rebuilt Cybertron to obey her.

Turmoil was created by SWAT Kats writer Lance Falk, who said at the 2016 Houston Anime Matsuri convention that she and her pilots were inspired by Pussy Galore’s Flying Circus, enemies that James Bond had to face in the movie Goldfinger.

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Turmoil Stills Gallery

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