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Viper Mutagen 368

Viper Mutagen 368


Developed by Dr. N Zyme and Dr. Elrod Purvis of Megakat Biochemical Labs, this special biochemical compound was developed for the altruistic purposes of revitalizing dead organisms and restoring them to a life-like state in an effort to eradicate crop famines.

Early testing of the substance showed promising results, which inspired Purvis to steal the formula so he could sell it for personal gain. Zyme caught Purvis in the act of theft, and in their ensuing altercation, Purvis was killed when he fell down a flight of stairs, with the mutagen’s container shattering and its contents covering his body in the process.

Later, Zyme discovered that the restorative properties of Viper Mutagen 368 had unexpected side-effects when he noticed his test plants hand turned into violent and monstrous incarnations. The formula would have the same effect on Purvis’s body, where at Megakat City Morgue it came back to life. Purvis took on the monikir Dr. Viper after this transformation, and sought to use Viper Mutagen 368 on Zyme and the Mayor and Deputy Mayor, but was narrowly stopped by the SWAT Kats.

T-Bone used the boomerang accessory of his Glovatrix to shatter a beaker of the formula that Dr. Viper had been holding, and it is unknown if any additional samples of Viper Mutagen 368 still exist.

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