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I just had to see the look on your faces when you saw the future I arranged for you. Now, I’ll return to mess up your past!
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The Pastmaster allies with the Metallikats to create a dystopian future controlled by robots to entrap the SWAT Kats.

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Mark LungoMark Lungo

The Pastmaster sends T-Bone and Razor to Megakat City’s near future, a nightmare world where The Metallikats rule as fascist dictators, killer robots confine “non-metallic creatures” to slave labor camps, the SWAT Kats’ friends are fugitive freedom fighters, and the SWAT Kats’ future selves are dead.

This is one of SWAT Kats’ highlights; the story is intriguing, the team up of high tech and magical villains is unique within the series, Mook’s animation is excellent, and the art staff really earn their pay in creating the dystopian setting. A.

Animato summary written by Mark Lungo

A Bright and Shiny Future Stills Gallery

A Bright and Shiny Future Stills Gallery

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