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Tomorrow at sunrise you will become my bride!
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The SWAT Kats, low on resources, are unexpectedly taken back in time to the Dark Ages where they must aid Queen Callista in her fight against the Pastmaster.

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Queen Callista, ruler of Megalith City, is stalked by an undead magical zombie. Fortunately, this episode was written by Glenn Leopold and not Stephenie Meyer. The mystical winds of plot contrivance transport our “not-heroes” to the Dark Ages, just in time to enforce a Medieval restraining order. Is Razor truly the hero foretold? Can T-Bone convince Razor they’re not actually heroes? Only one way to find out! Groovy.

Please adjust your humor targeting displays to the lowest common denominator, and note that the accuracy of recollection missiles may vary.

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Mark LungoMark Lungo

Caught in one of the Pastmaster’s time vortexes, the SWAT Kats are drawn back to the Dark Ages. They find the wretched warlock invading “Megalith City” with an army of magical monsters, threatening to destroy the town unless its leader, Queen Callista, Callie Briggs’ lookalike ancestor, agrees to marry him.

And that’s not the only romantic complication; when Callista sees Razor pull a certain sword from a certain stone, she falls for him, causing T-Bone to become jealous.

This fun episode puts the SWAT Kats in unfamiliar territory, both physically and emotionally , this is the first time either of them has a requited love interest.

Queen Callista is as courageous, intelligent and likable as her present-day descendant. (Tress MacNeille’s excellent vocal performance, subtly different from her Callie Briggs voice, adds a lot to the Queen’s appeal.) “Bride” also uses a clever framing device: the episode begins and ends with the SWAT Kats in mid-battle against two worm-like sea monsters who are attacking oil tankers. A-.

Animato summary written by Mark Lungo

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