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Kooshmeister Says:

Oh, believe me, I agree. ViperLaughCait

And Destructive Nature is slowly becoming probably my favorite episode with him. I like the siege element with the Enforcers and Razor penetrating the building like he's Richard Burton's John Smith breaking into the Schloss Adler in Where Eagles Dare, or Bruce Willis' John McClane in the Nakatomi building in Die Hard, just fighting mutant plant monsters instead of Nazi soldiers or a gang of robbers, and the Plantimals are endearingly goofy.

The Giant Bacteria will always hold a special place in my heart, though. BacteriaDivide

Statistics: Posted by Kooshmeister — Wed Jul 17, 2019 2:03 pm

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Darker Says:

Gotta love Dr. Viper, no matter what episode he's in.

Definitely one of the series' finest villains.

Statistics: Posted by Darker — Tue Jul 16, 2019 4:09 pm

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Kooshmeister Says:

A law firm called Katz, Katz, Katz and Katz.
Apropos of nothing, was writer Jim Katz involved with the show in season one? I wonder if the Katz law office in the Destructive Nature script is named for him, or if it's just, y'know, a cat pun?

Statistics: Posted by Kooshmeister — Thu Jun 27, 2019 3:43 pm

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Kooshmeister Says:

87. A good many of the Rovers pursuing Razor down the hallway are described as scurrying along the walls and ceiling in addition to the floor. These latter Rovers are replaced by Flyers in the episode.

88. The room Razor gets into using the buzzsaws is described as "neo classical." A law firm called Katz, Katz, Katz and Katz. The decor evokes "the bloated time of Nero." Framed certificates adorn the wall and get smashed when Razor cuts his way through. The room is just a kind of ordinary boring office and is bare except for the bookshelf Razor pushes in front of the hole in the finished episode (probably due to the change in opening time; here, Katz, Katz, Katz and Katz are ready to move in along with all the other prospect tenants, minus the big fish, Mr. Young, whereas in the actual episode, the tower doesn't open for another month and so the room Razor escapes into is probably just meant to be a generic, mostly unfurnished, and probably unsold, office).

89. Different dialogue from Razor. "How do you kill these things?" (vs. "What's it take to stop these things?")

90. Because of the neo classical design of the Katz law office, the bookshelf Razor shoves in front of the hole is marble here instead of wood.

91. More different dialogue: "That oughta hold you!" (vs. "That should buy me some time!")

92. When Callie whacks Razor, Falk indicates that he be shown so close up that we don't actually see the hit. In the finished episode, we see the pot smash over his head in full view. Callie also hits him with a statue, not an empty pot.

93. Callie slaps the unconscious Razor awake instead of him coming to on his own, with different dialogue. "What have I done?" vs. "I'm so sorry!"

94. Upon calling her Callie, Razor doesn't correct himself to "Ms. Briggs." There's also no dialogue about the SWAT Kats being "required" to wear helmets. Callie apologizes for hitting him here, too, not a moment earlier.

95. When climbing into the vent, Razor again calls Callie by her given name and not her surname: "Make room, Callie!" When he accidentally turns on the air conditioning, another automated voice announces that "Attention. Sector climate controls have been damaged. Air conditioner is active at maximum coldness. One hundred and fortieth floor temperature fifty degrees and dropping." This is unusual. Why would the thermostat in the Katz law office affect the entire sector? Unless by sector, the automated announcement means "this particular office."

96. Feral explicitly asks Sergeant Talon for a status report instead of Talon walking up and informing Feral about the weed killer's arrival of his own accord. Because the weed killer wasn't Manx's idea, there's no dialogue about trying it "the Mayor's way."

97. Different dialogue from Feral: "King! Burge! Drop the package... on my mark" vs. just "Just drop payload on my command!"

98. Extra dialogue from King as he responds: "Roger that, Commander." This line is simplified to just "Roger" and given to Burge in the episode.

99. Different dialogue from Burge: He says he has "target acquisition" as opposed to having "the target acquisitioned."

100. The dropped canister of weed killer hits the Behemoth rather than landing beside it and then exploding (Burge's targeting scope in the episode really sucks). Feral's "Got you!" (or "Gotcha!" in the episode) is said with "quiet glee" rather than Gary Owens' triumphant gusto. He also doesn't joyously announce that they're going in.

101. The cry of "No!" comes from Feral and not Talon. Feral also breaks his baton sooner in the script than he does in the episode.

102. Talon's dialogue about the weed killer's effect is completely different. "It ate the poison! It likes it!" (not "Weed killer only makes it bigger!").

103. So is Feral's dialogue. "How do you kill these things?!" and not "Is there no way to destroy these things?"

Statistics: Posted by Kooshmeister — Wed Jun 26, 2019 8:01 am

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Kooshmeister Says:

And on with Act II!

61. The opening of Act II is where we learn of Dr. Viper's evil scheme, not his earlier interaction with Callie in the penthouse. Instead of opening with Razor inside the Megakat Tower, it opens on the pan across plant-infested Megakat City ("Viper's sicko fantasy," according to Falk), with Dr. Viper's voiceover giving that big speech about "I can sssee it all now" etc., culminating in "My swamp ruled by me. Yess! Dr. Viper's Megaswamp City!" He doesn't get teary-eyed, though, and his petulant "My swamp ruled by me" makes him sound a little like a bratty kid.

62. There's an extra bit during Viper's "sicko fantasy" here. Earlier in the script, when listing off the characters and creatures that'd be appearing, Falk indicated there'd be a plesiosaurus-like Plantimal. It appears here. In a scene that reminds me of the opening sequence (and first episode) of The Pirates of Dark Water with the Leviathan eating a Dagron, the creature leaps out of the water and swallows a bunch of Flyer Plantimals.

63. Flyer Plantimals are described perched protectively on the spore pod, whereas in the final episode, Viper and the pod are alone.

64. Different dialogue as Viper gives his fifteen minute time limit while looking down at the Enforcers (which happens later in the actual episode): "In fifteen minutesss, you will exssplode, sssending beautiful sspores to transform the entire city! Foolsss! Go ahead, wassste your time!"

65. Ann Gora doesn't approach Feral and interview him before the tank attack. It just pans down from Viper gloating evilly to the Peacekeeper tanks blasting away at the vine wall.

66. Extra dialogue from Feral: "Fire again on my mark! Ready... aim... fire!"

67. Again it is Sergeant Talon rather than a no-name commando who tells Feral that they got through. And because there's no Ann, Feral's line "Let's move in!" is directed at him and not her.

68. Extra scene with T-Bone. Noticing the explosions, he asks "What's that jerk up to now? Let's take a closer look" and flies down to observe the Enforcers' battle with the Behemoth. "A fancy triple-lense array" with a "radar microphone" (which T-Bone calls the Sky Eye) is used to let him listen in on the Enforcers' radio chatter.

69. Observing that the Behemoth is unaffected by the Peacekeepers' laser cannon fire, T-Bone cries "Will you look at that!"

70. The way the Behemoth destroys the lead tank is different. Instead of sinking into a huge puddle of acid that it drives into, the Peacekeeper is sprayed directly and starts to melt. As a result, the tank doesn't upend and sink and we don't get what ended up being one of my favorite bits from the episode, one escaping Enforcer pulling his lagging friend behind by the hand when he slip.

71. Extra dialogue from Sergeant Talon: "What's it gonna do next?!" "Maybe nothing! It's just sitting there!" Feral says.

72. Now we cut to Razor in the 100th floor corridor, which was the finished episode's Act II opener.

73. Different dialogue from T-Bone: "Razor come in. Give me your status. Over." (vs. "Razor, you okay? Talk to me, buddy!").

74. Extra dialogue as T-Bone explains about the Behemoth keeping the Enforcers out. "There's a big brother plant keeping Feral out of the picture, too." Razor laughs and says "I guess they're not all bad!" "Right!" T-Bone concurs. This is the first instance of an element I'm glad Falk eliminated from the episode, which is getting in to rescue Callie and stop Viper is treated like a competition, undermining the tension and making both the SWAT Kats and the Enforcers look like jerks. In the final episodes, apart from T-Bone's cheeky "Looks like Feral got stopped at the door!", both sides generally ignore one another and try their level best to get in.

75. More dialogue from T-Bone over the radio as Razor explores the building: "Keep in contact. When you find Callie, make for the top. Then I'll punch a hole through that flying salad bar and pick you up. Copy?" "Affirmative, T-Bone. Then we can blast Viper and his garden to Kingdom Come! Out."

74. An extra bit of action as Razor gets attacked by some of the same kind of naughty vines that captured Callie earlier. They slowly rise up behind up and then attack. He screams and dodges, managing to get away from them. He runs down a hallway filled with these grasping tentacle-vines before reaching the room where he encounters the Rover Plantimals and the cacti that fire their needles (which we learn here is some kind of reception area).

75. When firing at the Rovers, Razor doesn't do a cool action roll. He just takes aim and fires.

76. Extra action during this sequence as Razor's deploys a miniature flamethrower from somewhere on his person (!). "Time to redecorate!" Razor quips, blasting away with both it and the Glovatrix at the same time (using Mini-Cement Launchers for the latter, which "freeze" the Plantimals in cement). He "ignites the room into an inferno," setting off a fire alarm. A calm automated female voice on a P.A. system informs him "Fire control systems activated." Sprinklers douse the flames. "Fire extinguished," the P.A. announces. "So much for the fire..." grumbles Razor.

77. Instead of asking about Razor's progress, T-Bone radios in and says "You got problems, Razor? I'm getting a lot of noise from in there." Razor is confident, though: "I can handle it. Still no sign of Callie. Continuing my sweep. Razor out."

78. After terminating radio contact with T-Bone, Razor wonders if his Glovatrix's ammo will hold out against the horde long enough for him to find Callie. He then has to vamoose once the cement around the Plantimals starts to crack. "I'm outta here."

79. At the golf course, only Manx is dressed for golfing. Mr. Young and his associates are for some reason still wearing their business suits here. Manx only misses a putt as opposed to swatting the ball wildly into a water hazard, and it's not because he noticing the smoke rising from the Megakat Tower in the distance, but because the portable phone in the "stupid-looking" golf cart rings, disrupting his concentration (yes, Feral calls Manx here, not the other way around). And because all Manx does is miss a putt, he doesn't almost hit Young and co.

80. After excusing himself, Manx hisses into the phone "Manx here, this better be important!" "Oh, don't worry, Mr. Mayor, it is," Feral tells him.

81. Different dialogue as Feral explains the situation: "We've got a situation here. Dr. Viper's turned your pet skyscraper into a giant geranium!" Manx doesn't interrupt him, but does exclaim "Viper!" in horror.

82. Slightly different dialogue as Manx explains how vital it is that Megakat Tower be retaken in one piece. "Listen carefully, Feral. The city has a billion dollars sunk in that tower. You get that wacko out of there fast, and don't level the building doing it!" He doesn't suggest using weed killer. Feral doesn't manage to finish his protest of "You don't understand!" ("You don't underst--") before Manx interrupts him with "You don't blow it!" (vs. "Don't do it, Feral!").

83. When explaining about the lease, Manx calls Young and the other two "My Eastern friends," and says they're about to "sign the deal" (as opposed to "sign a ten year lease"). "I have to go!" he adds, hanging up.

84. When asking if there's a problem, Mr. Young calls Manx "Your Honor" instead of "Mayor Manx." When reassuring him, Manx doesn't stammer and say "Don't be ridiculous!"

85. Feral says "That tears it!" instead of "That's just great!" He also mockingly mimics Manx's warning not to "blow it," and when he asks if he's supposed to leave it to the SWAT Kats, T-Bone, using the Sky Eye, cuts in on the Enforcer frequency and says "Sounds like a plan to me, sour-puss." More of that pointlessly stupid competitive vibe that I'm glad was excised from the final version. "Things just keep getting better!" grumbles Feral.

86. T-Bone doesn't buzz Feral and Sergeant Talon here as he does in the final episode.

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Kooshmeister Says:

Figured I'd do for this episode what I did for The Pastmaster Always Rings Twice; compare the original script with the final product. For fun! MadkatUpIcon

1. Mr. Young has the first line. "Mayor Manx, you say it's the largest building in the whole city?"

2. Jonny isn't identified by name. He's simply "Ann Gora's cameraman." He's also simply referred to as a "cameraman" with no name on the episode's model sheets.

3. Megakat Tower is said to be 150 stories, not 300. Also, extra bit of dialogue from Manx. Since he's responding to Young instead of initiating the conversation, he says "That's right! At 150 stories, Megakat Tower is the tallest, most modern office complex in the whole city." Young never comments on the building. It goes right to Manx suggesting he put his corporate headquarters in it, eliminating the lines "Very impressive" and "Oh, yes!"

4. When Manx suggests housing Young's headquarters in the Megakat Tower, his two associates are described as liking the idea and nodding enthusiastically. In the episode, they're as taciturn as Young is.

5. Callie and Ann are the ones who act nervous when Young gives his non-committal answer, not Manx.

6. Manx frowns when Callie says greed brings out the best in him, before smiling, vs. him immediately grinning like a loon in the episode. He also never thanks her. He just shrugs.

7. Different dialogue from Callie: "Actually, he's got a lot of the city's money sunk into this place," vs. "He sunk most of the city treasury into this place." She also never tells Ann that this fact is off the record, and when thanking her for giving her the exclusive, Ann calls her Ms. Briggs instead of by her first name (similar to Dr. Sinian in The Pastmaster Always Rings Twice's script, there's a lack of familiarity between the two here).

8. Different dialogue from Manx: "Let's continue this meeting at Megakat golf course" vs. "Now, why don’t we continue this meeting at Megakat Golf Course?" And instead of saying Megakat Tower is "an excellent location" Mr. Young says it is "well located," adding "Lucky we brought our clubs!"

9. Manx ushers the visitors out without any further dialogue (no "That’s what I’ve been tryin’ to tell you! Right This way, gentlemen!").

10. Instead of the comedic fake out, it's made obvious from the get-go in the next scene that Chance is playing a video game. No theatrical punch to the "camera." No "Not this time, sucker! You’re dead meat! Ha! Gotcha! Uh-oh, sneak attack!" The game is also played differently. Instead of flying through a canyon-like environment, the ship is flying through space. The scene flows a little differently, too. Chance says he's going for a personal best before, not after, Jake accidentally makes him get a game over, and Jake, annoyed at his friend for playing the game, asks him, "Don't you get enough of the real thing, Chance?" Chance replies that the game is "a blast," and we learn that Jake has modified the arcade cabinet to have louder speakers. Jake sarcastically asks if they're loud enough. "Never loud enough, Jake!" is Chance's answer. "Got that, partner!" replies Jake (not sarcastically, apparently).

11. Jake stands on a crate to water his plant and not a stool. The plant (a fern) is also in a hanging tire and not in a pot on top of the arcade cabinet.

12. It's a little clearer here how Jake makes Chance lose. In the episode, it appears, weirdly, that the fern frond grows down the screen to block Chance's view, but here, the frond is simply "dislodged" while Jake is watering it and pokes into Chance's field of vision, obstructing his view that way.

13. No annoyed "Hey!" from Chance as he moves the frond aside. He also has a whinier tone when complaining that he lost, and different dialogue. "Jaaake! You distracted me!" The game's voiceover also says more than "Spaaaaaace Kat," and right after Chance loses, not when Jake resets it: "Game over. Thank you for playing 'Space Kat.'" How polite!

14. Chance asks about "the greenery" after losing, not before. Jake doesn't talk about plants being good for the environment and air, merely that he wanted to do "something to get rid of the smell of your sour milk!" This phrasing is interesting; in the episode, it seems like Jake means literal sour milk, but here he seems to be speaking metaphorically (i.e. "sour milk" meaning Chance whining at having lost Space Kat).

15. No dialogue about "another universe to save" before it match cuts to Dr. Viper in his gardener's disguise doing his thing.

16. Viper is wearing a different outfit. He's got the hat, but instead of a jacket and pants, he's wearing coveralls that have a patch reading "Greenery." Instead of simply ducking his head and pulling the visor of his hat down over his eyes, Viper "scurries off in a suspicious manner" as Callie, Ann and Jonny get off the elevator. He's more low key in the episode.

17. As the three from the elevator walk towards the door, their footsteps are described as echoing hollowly, which would've been a nice, creepy addition. Ann comments, "It's so empty" in response to the eerie quiet. But Callie says, "Yes, today it is. But when Megakat Tower opens to the public tomorrow, it'll be a circus, believe me." In the episode, Megakat Tower wasn't supposed to open for another month, whereas here it's ready for tenants to move in the very next day after the story is set.

18. Callie notices the world's most suspicious gardener differently. Continuing the circus analogy, Callie starts to elaborate that it it'll be "a three-ring circus" before she notices Viper scurrying off. And apparently Viper doesn't have his tail stuffed down the back of his pants, because Falk describes "a lizard-like tail whip into the darkness."

19. Ann notices Callie looking uneasy. "Something wrong?" "Just thought I saw something." She tells Ann and Jonny to go on ahead without her, instead of dropping her file folder when the door shuts on it. This actually explains how Ann knows Callie is inside the building to tell Feral later; Callie told her and Ann knew she was still inside when the wall of vines springs up. In the episode, neither she nor Jonny seem to notice Callie drop her folder and go back inside, so how she knew Callie was "trapped somewhere in that tower" (besides basic deductive reasoning) is unclear in the finished episode.

20. Ann doesn't give any kind of closing report or comments in the courtyard (or in the lobby, for that matter; her and Callie's discussion about the building's creepy emptiness takes the place of her report there). The second she and Jonny step outside, the vines erupt through the concrete. Ann simply screams instead of saying "What the--?" She and Jonny are also knocked to the ground by the force of the eruptions and don't run away yet.

21. Dr. Viper is (properly) introduced differently. In the episode, we see him with his back turned at his little chemistry set in the basement as some Plantimals scurry over, then he turns around and whips off the hat, revealing he's, shock of shocks, who we all knew he was the moment he appeared. Here, he already has the hat off, and we don't see the Plantimals just yet; Viper is only shown in silhouette, his eyes aglow. Weirdly, Falk never describes him emerging from the shadows; he's apparently intended to be hidden in shadow for the entire basement sequence. Despite this, Callie identifies him instantly (but then, he has a pretty distinctive silhouette and she isn't an idiot).

22. There are thirty Plantimals in the basement with Viper instead of only a handful.

23. The basement is described differently, with lots of pipes and machinery with a greenish light tinting everything (reminding me of the Goosebumps TV episode's depiction of the titular basement in Stay Out of the Basement from a few years later), instead of the big, bare, orange-y room in the episode.

24. Slightly different dialogue from Viper. He starts off by addressing the Plantimals as "Friendss," and says the building is impenetrable, but doesn't mention any growth formula. He says, "But now you musst protect me from Feral, hisss Enforcersss... and worssst of all... those meddling SSWAT Katss!"

25. Viper is never described removing his gardener's disguise aside from the hat. So unless Falk just forgot or says otherwise, Viper spends the entire script in his gardener's outfit.

26. Instead of "I'd better get some help!" Callie says "I'd better call the SWAT Kats!" Here, her first thought is the SWAT Kats, not help in general. She never runs to the front door to find it block or tries a phone only to discover it isn't connected before resorting to using the SWAT Kat communicator. It's interesting that Falk changed this in the final version to have the SWAT Kats as her second choice for someone to alert.

27. Not a difference, but I love how Falk describes the noises the Plantimals make. "Squealing with vegetable glee!"

28. Callie doesn't give herself away with a creaky basement door. She successfully sneaks off.

29. There's a dramatic pullback from the building that isn't in the episode. When we see the exterior of the skyscraper covered in vines, Dr. Viper's evil laughter (coming from inside) is played over it. Now Ann and Jonny get up and run away.

30. Chance and Jake are already in full SWAT Kat gear as T-Bone and Razor when Callie calls. Cha--I mean T-Bone also talks to Callie on a wall-mounted speaker instead of the phone thing. Callie simply says "It's Dr. Viper!" and not "Dr. Viper's back!" Both SWAT Kats go "Viper?!" together instead of just Chance's "Viper? Where?" Callie also never tells them that she's at the Megakat Tower(s) before getting naughty-tentacled by those pervy, phone-interrupting vines. Her reaction to getting grabbed here is kind of unintentionally hilarious ("Hey! Hey!!"). She tries to scream, too, before having her mouth covered.

31. Despite having just gotten done saying they're in their SWAT Kats outfits and thus T-Bone and Razor, Falk returns to identifying the two as Chance and Jake here. After Chance calls Callie's name in alarm, it's Jake, not him, who says, "Let's kick some Viper tail!" The two give a "battle cry" (?) as they fly off in the Turbokat.

32. The Enforcers (except for Feral) have already arrived in force on the scene at the Megakat Tower and put up barrier tape, instead of them being seen in the process of arriving and setting up as in the final episode.

33. Present with Ann and Jonny to cover things are the other reporters from The Giant Bacteria, described here as Ann's "entire WKAT news crew." I can only assume Falk means the tall guy with black hair and the short guy with orange hair in the polka-dotted tie. Obviously, neither of these guys showed up in the finished episode (or ever again, although Metal Urgency's model sheets indicate the black-haired reporter was meant to appear there, apparently for the original ending).

34. Commander Feral examines the vine wall and breaks a chunk off to inspect it, commenting, "What is this?"

35. It's Sergeant Talon and not a nameless commando who gives Feral the skinny. His dialogue with Feral is also slightly different than the commando's in the finished episode.

36. When Feral suggests burning through the vine wall, it is Ann Gora of all people who interjects and warns him he might start a huge fire. Feral apparently has no idea who she is even though he was interviewed by her in the script for The Metallikats, which was written before this one, so she has to introduce herself. She also says she's from Katwitness News, not Kat's Eye News or even the just-established "WKAT." Feral doesn't dismiss her concerns the way he does the commando's in the finished episode, but he is actually angry rather than just cynically annoyed when told that Callie is inside the building.

37. There's an extra scene of the SWAT Kats en route. Because Callie didn't manage to tell them where she was before the icky, icky vines got her, our heroes are using the signal of her communicator to figure out her location, the same way they did in The Pastmaster Always Rings Twice, although here it makes more sense since the communicator hasn't been broken (that we know of). After Razor says the signal is coming from the Megakat Tower, T-Bone says it'll take them two minutes to get there.

38. Extra dialogue from Feral as the choppers attack the tower. "We're gonna do this by the numbers! King, Burge. I'm going in first! Cover me!"

39. King's chopper, not Burge's, is attacked first. When Burge comments that the stuff the Plantimals spit is acid and is eating through his chopper, King says, "Mine too! Weapon systems are all gummed up!" In the finished episode, King's is the only chopper not attacked, and the line about the acid gumming up the weapons is given to Feral, not him.

40. Burge is described as starting to "lose it," as opposed to merely being amazed at the acid but otherwise keeping his cool.

41. Extra dialogue from Feral as he orders a retreat: "OK, OK! Fall back, before we have total meltdown!" Only then, as the three choppers are flying back, does he notice Dr. Viper on the penthouse balcony. He vows, "This isn't over, you lizard!" instead of saying "Should've known that crazy lizard would be behind this mess!"

44. Viper's taunt is also different: "Run, Feral, sstupid fool! Thiss iss perfect! There'ss nothing you can do to sstop me!"

45. Viper's interaction with Callie is a little different. When Callie tells the Rover Plantimal to release her, she asks what it is before Viper explains that they're his Plantimals and obey only him. Different/extra dialogue from him: "And I won't be letting you go! Why, you'd jussst run away and miss all the excitement!" he teases. "The Plantimals live to protect me and that! My spore pod!"

46. Callie is actually scared here instead of disgustedly defiant towards her captor, asking what the spore pod does. "Oh... you'll find out real sssoon!" Viper promises, and... does not explain his plan! That actually happens later. He uses a syringe to inject something into the pod.

47. Callie regains her defiant gusto as she and Dr. Viper hear the approaching Turbokat. "Maybe not, you twist-o! Here come the SWAT Kats!"

48. Minor difference but Razor says Viper has captured Callie vs. having "got" her.

49. T-Bone, not Razor, points out that the Flyer Plantimals are spitting acid. When saying he's taking evasive action, he also adds "Hang on!"

50. Razor has a fun little moment before retaliating against the Plantimals. He cracks his knuckles and goes, "And now, sports fans, the moment you've all been waiting for. The SWAT Kats bite back!"

51. Slightly different dialogue from Razor: "No way! Those things melted my missiles!"

52. The fight against the Plantimals goes on longer here in the script, with extra dialogue. "You thinking what I'm thinking?" asks T-Bone. "You know it! Let's take this weed welcome wagon from behind!" replies Razor, launching some Octopus Missiles. Which actually work! Three of the Plantimals "pop like something on a teenager's face" (eeew). A fourth, evading its missile, is so stupid is flies face-first into the side of a building (!). The impact kills it (!!!) and it slowly slides down the building (ick). "Octopus Missiles! Don't leave base without 'em!" cheers Razor and he and T-Bone high-five.

53. Slightly different dialogue from Dr. Viper: "Nooo! Attack! Dessstroy the SSSWAT Kats!"

54. When Viper smacks the Rover Plantimal that let Callie escape into the window, it smashes through the glass instead of just splatting it against it and sliding down. Viper also tells the creature "It's your fault!" not "You fool!" We're also not told how Callie got away (i.e., there's no visual clue of the typewriter used to bash the Plantimal).

55. There's some more extra action with the SWAT Kats in the Turbokat. Despite the success of the Octopus Missiles against the earlier batch of Plantimals, they can't use them against the wave of reinforcements Viper has sicced on them because "I'm fresh out of Octopus Missiles!" T-Bone suggests something else.

56. There's an extra scene where Feral, back on the ground now by his cruiser, notices the Turbokat. "The SWAT Kats! I should have known!" Meanwhile, the Plantimal Dr. Viper knocked out the window falls 150 stories and splatters all over Feral's cruiser. Although the Rovers are never shown spitting acid like the Flyers (here or in the finished episode), here they've got acidic blood, as the splattery monster guts melt the car and some even gets on Feral's coat, hitting him with enough force to knock him off of his feet (!). "Yaaa!! Get it offa me!" he screams as the acidic goo starts dissolving his clothes. Sergeant Talon runs in and hoses him off, but keeps spraying him long after the acid has been washed off, forcing Feral to yell at him "OK, OK! Turn it off!"

57. Another extra bit as, annoyed by his melted car, Feral decides "Enough of this! It's time for military force!" This is intended to be when he decides to bring up the Enforcer Peacekeeper tanks.

58. When T-Bone is questioning Razor's decision to infiltrate the building, warning him that "plants have taken over the whole building, or hadn't you noticed?" there's some extra dialogue as Razor says "Affirmative. And that snake's probably got a few surprises waiting inside, too. But Callie's in there, T-Bone!" and when T-Bone says "Riiight! We can't attack Viper..." and Razor finishes, stating not until he gets Callie safely out of the building.

59. More extra dialogue. After Razor says he's "Goin' in," he adds, "Gentle as a baby."

60. Razor smashes through a window on the 100th story of the building, not the 145th floor as in the finished episode.

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Kooshmeister Says:

The bit with Feral getting acid on him and needing to be hosed down really should've been kept. TboneLaughCait

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MoDaD Says:


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Kooshmeister Says:

Well, after all this time, the Enforcer Sergeant has a name, as per Lance Falk's script for this episode: it's Sergeant Talon. Also, two of the Enforcer pilots in the episode are named Burge and King (get it? "Burger King"). And the individual Plantimals finally have names, as well: Flyers, Rovers, Behemoths and "the Elevator Beastie."

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Kooshmeister Says:

Except Batman's record of exploded buildings is dwarfed by the SWAT Kats'. RazLaugh

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