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Hmm, Moorkroft Manor. So this where the benefactor of Megakat City lives. Let's check it out.
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Commander Feral begins dating wealthy heiress Katrina Moorkroft, who Felina suspects is an evil succubus slowly draining her uncle’s life away.

Glenn Leopold Commentary

From the April 15, 2018 live stream event, Glenn Leopold recounts some details about the unproduced SWAT Kats episode Succubus! after commentating on its spiritual successor, The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest episode Eclipse (both written by Leopold).

Podcast - Auxiliary Weapons Panel

Welcome to the Auxilary Weapons Panel, a part of The Mega SWAT Kast where we break format for a little while to talk to fellow SWAT Kats fans about whatever’s on their minds. Make sure your safety harness is strapped on tight, because we didn’t file our flight plan in advance.

In this episode, our panel talks about the most infamous of the unfinished episodes of SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron, known to many for years as The Curse of Kataluna, but now known officially as Succubus!

Auxiliary Weapons Panelists:

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Mark Lungo was kind enough to send Kooshmeister a copy of Glenn Leopold’s script for Succubus!, a.k.a. “The Curse of Kataluna” (a name never mentioned once in the story). From what Mark theorizes, the title was probably deemed too sexually suggestive, and by the time Hanna-Barbera had actually moved on to production of the episode, shortly before the series’ cancellation, the title would’ve been changed. As well as a lot of the dialogue, since the word succubus is mentioned a lot, and the villain’s monster form is even called “the Succubus.”

For the time being, the events of Succubus! are being considered (tentatively) canon to the series.

Succubus! Script

Succubus! Script

Provided by the Tremblay Bros., this is the official script for the unproduced episode Succubus!

Download / Read Script PDF

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