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Airbag Missile

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As the tri-head approaches the trapped Felina, Callie and Dr. Sinian, backing them towards the edge of the roof, the SWAT Kats arrive in the newly-repaired Turbokat.

Razor fires what’s referred to as a Mega-Octopus Missile at the three-headed monster. This is one of the earlier missiles designed for the series, and promotional art/model sheets were made depicting it being used to capture one of the “long-necked flying reptiles” from The Pastmaster Always Rings Twice, but to my knowledge, this would’ve been the first time one had actually been used in the series. However, since I imagine it’s just like a regular Octopus Missile in all but size, it may have been used before and I just never noticed.

The Mega-Octopus Missile grabs the tri-head and knocks it off of the roof (specifically it’s said to crash through a wall, even though the museum roof has no walls around it). However, as it falls, it makes a point of using its tail to knock the three she-kats off the other side of the roof, and they fall screaming towards the pavement. Before the three get turned into street pizza, however, Razor uses the second new missile in the episode, an Airbag Missile. Aimed at the ground underneath the falling she-kats, it blows up on impact revealing an expanding air cushion which catches the three and breaks their fall.

Now that they’ve seen to that, T-Bone flies around to the other side of the building, where the tri-head fell off, so they can deal with the beastie, but it’s gone. There’s a big mess where it landed, but they only find the discarded Mega-Octopus Missile. While they’re making sure that Callie, Felina and Dr. Sinian are all right, they don’t notice Katrina’s limo speeding off. Inside, Katrina is fresh from her lunch date with Feral and of course looking young and beautiful again from having sucked the life out of her seventh victim the previous night.

She has her pet ferret in her lap, and chides it for having failed her, revealing it was the “tri-head” all along. Up front, Otto warns her that Felina knows too much, but Katrina dismisses it for now, since by the eclipse it won’t matter anymore what Felina can or can’t prove.

Act Three - Succubus!

Felina gives up her uncle as hopeless at this point and resolves to go pester Katrina, but makes the mistake of announcing it out loud, causing Feral to jump up and forbid it.

At Enforcer Headquarters later, Felina hands her uncle a report about the incident at the museum, and tries to tell him about Dr. Sinian’s theories and the conclusions she’s drawn about Katrina.

Feral, visibly having aged enough now that his niece can’t ignore it, has added a new item to his ordinarily spartan desktop: a framed glamor photo of Katrina.

Feral chides her for coming to him with such nonsense. Indicating the photo, which he can’t stop fawning over like a little lovestruck boy, he asks her, “Is that the face of a succubus?” Evidently he wasn’t paying attention to the “she disguises herself as a hot babe” part.

Felina becomes angry. She tries to insist that the monster attack meant Katrina was having them spied on and tried to have them silenced, but Feral, also becoming angry, suggests she “take some time off.” Ouch.

Felina gives up her uncle as hopeless at this point and resolves to go pester Katrina, but makes the mistake of announcing it out loud, causing Feral to jump up and forbid it. The Ferals argue. Felina points out he’s aged at least ten years since meeting Katrina, while her uncle brushes off her concerns, insisting he’s never felt more alive.

And then Feral drops a bombshell. When Felina, agonizing, asks if he won’t even bring her in for questioning, Feral reveals that he intends to do precisely that… at dinner that night, “And the question I intend to ask is a more important one.” So saying, he takes out a diamond engagement ring.

Yep, Feral’s going to pop the question, folks. Katrina has invited him out to Moorkroft Manor for a romantic dinner and he intends to ask Ms. Katrina Moorkroft to be Mrs. Katrina Feral.

Felina simply says she has heard love is blind… but she just hopes that, for her uncle’s sake, it isn’t fatal, but Feral isn’t paying attention anymore, having gone back to fawning over the photo.

That Night...

Cut to that night. Feral and Katrina eat a lavish fish dinner in the dining room of Moorkroft Manor. Feral is wearing a tux, and Katrina has an elegant gown.

Outside, Felina is spying on them through a window using binoculars. Evidently she’s been there a while, because nothing sinister has happened and she’s beginning to grow impatient and upset with herself. Wondering whether she’s wrong about Katrina, her mind turns to wondering, with annoyance, what she’s going to wear to the wedding, when she suddenly notices Otto and Laszlo driving away from the mansion with their headlights off. Suspicious, she follows them in her Enforcer cruiser with her own lights off.

She tails them to Megakat Marsh, and hides in some bushes and watches them. Otto and Laszlo go open the trunk… and take out a shrouded form with a familiar-looking booted foot sticking out. It’s the dead Skycor Towers construction foreman, and they’re going to dump him in the swamp. Realizing she was right about Katrina after all, Felina leaps out and holds Otto and Laszlo at gunpoint and demands their immediate surrender. They’re startled, but recover… and grin evilly. Otto reveals Katrina suspected Felina would be watching the house, and had them go out to dispose of the foreman’s body to see if she could be drawn out! Aaahhhhh! It’s a trap!

Otto and Laszlo transform into monstrous gargoyles and attack her. Welp, that explains why the gargoyles and Katrina’s servants were never seen together; they were one and the same! But (according to this, anyway) Felina knows martial arts, kung-fu and karate, specifically. With a hearty “Hyaaah!”, she kicks the transformed Laszlo into the water. Yep, Felina just drop-kicked a gargoyle. But it’s two on one, so she’s quickly overcome, and the transformed Otto kicks her in the face, knocking her out.

The question is asked...

Are wedding bells and wedded bliss in Feral and Katrina’s future?

Back at Moorkroft Manor, Feral pops the question. Katrina doesn’t seem surprised and says she’s flattered. Feral asks if that means she accepts, but before she can answer, Laszlo, back to normal (and presumably having changed into a new set of clothes) comes in and says the eclipse has begun. Katrina tells her anxious boyfriend to hold off on the answer for now, heading for the upstairs observatory where she does all her life-drainin’, insisting that he accompany her.

“Come, we should go to the observatory and watch the eclipse. I promise you it will be a sight you’ll never see again.”

She does everything but go “Mwahahahahaha!”

Feral doesn’t complain. He laughs and goes with her, but tells her he does hope for an answer soon. In the observatory, Katrina has him sit in a chair facing the window which allows moonlight in, and stands behind him with her hands on his shoulders as the eclipse begins. Otto (also back to normal), Laszlo and a third servant come in to watch with them. Katrina begins to age rapidly once again, but because he’s seated with his back to her, Feral doesn’t notice.

He begins to press her for an answer to his marriage proposal. When she won’t answer, he notices her (aged) hands are trembling and asks if she’s okay, prompting her hands to fly up and grab the sides of his head. Her fingers grow into claws and meld with Feral’s head, and she begins to suck his lifeforce out. The engagement ring drops dramatically from his hand and rolls away. Guess the wedding’s off.

She begins becoming younger, and on top of that, it’s never explicitly spelled out, but considering that she is described as “enjoying the ecstatic surge of energy” and uttering forth “gasping moans,” it’s plenty obvious that her reactions are intended to be somewhat sexual. Add one more thing to the list of stuff making this one of the more mature episodes.

The younger Katrina gets, the older Feral gets, withering into an old man. Otto flicks a switch, causing a secret passage to open, revealing Felina, who’s been tied to a chair. Katrina begins gloating evilly about how she’s going to suck her uncle dry and be young again blah, blah, blah and Scooby-Dooby-Doo. Felina cries out “Noooo!” and struggles against her bonds, causing the chair to tip over. The SWAT Kat beeper T-Bone gave her earlier slides out of her pocket (didn’t these bozos frisk her?), and she uses her shoulder to hit the button, summoning your heroes and mine, the SWAT Kats. T-Bone and Razor do their usual big entrance, crashing through the viewing window on their “Delta-Bak Paks.” It’s fight time, baby!

The Confrontation

Because Katrina is focused on draining Feral (as she herself keeps announcing out loud, she only has until the eclipse is over to do this), she sics her fanboy squad–I mean her evil henchmen on them.

Otto, Laszlo and the third guy (who never gets a name) turn into their gargoyle forms and fight the vigilantes. The SWAT Kats fight them hand to hand. T-Bone defeats Laszlo and the other guy by dropping a chandelier (in an observatory? Fancy!) on their heads, and cuts Felina free. Razor knocks Otto out of the room through the window. But gargoyles can fly, so he recovers and flies back up, only for Razor to tie up his wings by launching three Bolo Missiles, causing him to fall out (again).

Katrina’s pet ferret transforms into the three-headed monster, and T-Bone, Razor and Felina fight it. It uses its spiked tail to pin them against the wall, with the three each between one of the spikes. The SWAT Kats launch their Glovatrixes off of their forearms and into two of the creature’s three mouths, sending it flying backwards. Its tail follows after it, naturally, the spikes coming loose, freeing our heroic trio. The tri-head crashes through a wall offscreen, causing a goodly portion of the observatory roof to come down on top of it, either knocking it out or killing it (either way, it’s out of this fight).

An enraged Katrina, forced to abandon draining Feral, attacks them herself. Emerging dramatically from the smoke created by the tri-head hitting the wall, she transforms (“like Maleficent”) into a huge winged female demon hereafter referred to as simply “the succubus,” although I’m going to continue calling her Katrina. Reaching into the rubble to grab the elderly Feral, who is still alive but unconscious, Katrina leaps up and crashes through the skylight and flies away with him, taunting him, “Another few moments and it will all be over… dearest!”

Otto recovers and returns (he sure is tenacious!). Felina yells for the SWAT Kats to save her uncle while she handles him. The SWAT Kats fly after the succubus and her victim on the Delta-Bak Paks, while Felina shoots a canister of tear gas into Otto’s mouth, knocking him through the stone pillar, bringing another portion of the roof caving in on him.

The Chase

Outside, the SWAT Kats fly to where they left the Turbokat. They hop in and take off after Katrina and her victim. By the time they catch up to them, poor Feral is almost gone, his skin like “parchment.”

He is nearly at death’s door. Snarling at the approaching jet, Katrina shoots lasers out of her eyes, taking out a portion of the Turbokat’s wing. T-Bone fights to hold the aircraft steady, maintain pursuit and avoid the demon’s attacks all at the same as Razor targets her through his scope. He is concerned that he might hit Feral by firing on Katrina, but T-Bone tells him to risk it since Feral is going to die otherwise. Resolved now, Razor targets the hand Katrina is gripping Feral with, and launches “Turbo Boomerangs.” They hit her hand, causing her to lose her grip on Feral. On the plus side, severing physical contact prevents her from continuing to drain him. On the negative side, now he’s falling towards the ground from a long way up.

Crying out “He must be completely drained before the eclipse ends!”, Katrina tries to dive down after him. but T-Bone flies the Turbokat past her face, preventing her from nabbing Feral again, and the unconscious Commander continues falling. Annoyed and a little panicked because the eclipse is beginning to end, Katrina now attacks our heroes directly instead of simply trying to evade them, grabbing onto the Turbokat. Reddish, evil energy shoots through her clawed fingertips gripping the aircraft and flows through the jet’s inner workings, frying the instruments and shorting out the power like a supernatural EMP. The Turbokat begins to plummet.

Releasing them and allowing them to continue falling, Katrina resumes diving down after Feral, who, somewhat improbably, is still falling (how high up are they?) as the eclipse finally begins to end. In the jet, Razor’s efforts to get emergency backup power are proving useless, and it seems as if he and T-Bone are doomed. But just as Katrina is about to catch up to Feral (still falling), the moon comes out from behind the eclipse, the SWAT Kats’ interference having delayed the demon enough that her time is up. Bathed in “pure white light” from the moon, she screams “Noooo!!!” and disintegrates into dust. Back at the mansion, so to the gargoyles.

The End

The Turbokat’s power comes back on. Whether this is because Razor finally got emergency power working or because Katrina died is unclear.

T-Bone zooms down after Feral (who is still falling!) and Razor saves the unconscious Commander from (finally) hitting the ground by firing an Airbag Missile. The giant airbag expands upon impact, catching him.

Cut (a little abruptly for my tastes) to the Megakat Memorial Hospital. Felina, T-Bone and Razor look on worriedly as a doctor treats the alive, but still drained Feral. He isn’t too hopeful, though, fearing that Feral may be too far gone. Weakly, Feral opens his eyes and asks what happened. Even in his withered, near death state, he’s still the grumpy Enforcer Commander we know and love, and so he demands to know what “those two” are doing in his hospital room. Felina holds his hand, whereupon he miraculously begins to de-age and become young again. I choose to interpret this as her touch curing him with her love.

The relieved Felina squeezes his hand lovingly and T-Bone and Razor admit that they’re glad he’s okay, and swear they won’t hurt his pride and tell anyone they saved him as the episode ends.

The End.

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