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The Thunder-Truck

Act Two - Succubus!
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As Felina plummets to her death, T-Bone arrives and rescues her using a series of bungee cables that form an elastic net to catch her, allowing her to swing down and get into the back of the Thunder-Truck.

They hear a cry for help, and realize the gargoyles are still trying to kidnap the foreman. He gets into his Jeep and drives off. The monsters chase after him, prompting our heroes to follow in an attempt to stop the abduction (T-Bone drives while Felina mans the gun in back).

Much banter is had between the two. “Can’t you keep this thing steady!” complains Felina.

“Cripes!” grumbles T-Bone. “She’s been in the truck two seconds and she’s already tellin’ me how to drive!”

The chase leads into a warehouse district, where the gargoyles grab the Jeep and lift it into the air. One of them rips open the roof and yanks the foreman out, and then they drop the empty Jeep down towards the Thunder-Truck. T-Bone has to plow through the side of a warehouse to avoid it, and they lose the gargoyles, allowing them to escape with their prisoner. After some more banter and bickering, Felina uses an onboard radar to locate the creatures, heading northeast. Pursuit resumes, but after arriving in what T-Bone identifies as the “high-rent district,” they lose the creatures and all they find of the poor foreman is his dropped hardhat in the bushes.

Nearby is a large mansion, Moorkroft Manor, the home of (you guessed it) Katrina Moorkroft. Deciding this is too much of a coincidence, Felina goes and knocks on the door, and speaks with the butler, a rather unhelpful individual named Laszlo. He claims he hasn’t seen or heard anything unusual. Returning to the Thunder-Truck, she asks T-Bone to drive her back to Enforcer Headquarters. She thanks T-Bone for rescuing her, and he simply shrugs and tells her not to mention it. “It was quite a date,” he quips. He gives Felina what is described as a “SWAT Kat beeper,” which seems similar in function to Callie’s communicator (except with a blue button instead of a red one) to use if she gets in trouble again. She insists she doesn’t need it, but T-Bone urges her to keep it for “good luck,” so she puts it into her pocket.

Act Two - Succubus!

Back at the philharmonic hall, the performance is over and everyone is heading home. An interesting opportunity to have Feral and Jake run into one another is sadly squandered as Callie drives Jake home in her car.

He and Feral never interact that we see. Jake describes the orchestra’s performance as “radical,” while Callie says the same about the tuneup job on her car, borrowing a little bit of Chance and Jake’s lingo. Feral bids Katrina goodnight and she gets into her Rolls-Royce-like limo which is chauffeured by Otto (described as resembling actor Erich von Stroheim). Katrina seductively tells Feral she hopes to see him again soon, and then leaves.

On the way back, she begins to suddenly age at a rapid rate, pleading with Otto to drive faster and faster as she continues transforming. By the time they get to the house, Katrina has completely turned into a withered old hag. Heading inside, she is met by Laszlo, who tells her that “all has been prepared.” Complaining that “these temporary solutions” aren’t working anymore, she says she has to take the lifeforce of someone who is in love with her during tomorrow night’s eclipse. Then can she fully restore her youth and beauty for a hundred years. And she’s finally found the perfect one.

Otto explains to Laszlo that the poor sap who’s fallen for their employer is Commander Feral, and they grin evilly as Katrina goes up a spiral staircase and into an elaborate observatory, where the Skycor Towers foreman is shackled to a stone pillar. She approaches the foreman, and we cut to the outside of the mansion as we hear him screaming.

Callie drops Jake off back at the garage. Jake tells her goodnight and “Thanks again!” as she speeds off, then turns to find Chance lounging in the doorway. In an apparent (?) callback to Bride of the Pastmaster, Chance mimics him (“‘Thanks again!’”) and asks if he had a good time. “Jealous?” asks Jake, practically strutting. Chance replies he had a “date” of his own, and fills Jake in on the events at Skycor Towers. Jake is upset.

“I can’t believe you let Felina Feral ride shotgun in our Thunder-Truck!” he fumes.

Chance just grins and soaks in his friend’s indignation. “Jealous?” he asks. Ah, can’t you feel the love and friendship between these two?

Act Two - Succubus!

Cut to the next day. Felina goes to see her uncle about what happened, and her notion that Katrina Moorkroft might be involved.

Feral has aged slightly and has a streak of gray in his hair, but she either doesn’t notice or simply doesn’t draw attention to it. Feral is angry when he learns Felina was at Katrina Moorkroft’s house, questioning her butler.

He says Felina is just upset because Katrina is interested in him, and although this may seem like an odd thing for him to say to his niece, this can be explained by the fact it isn’t uncommon for the child – even a grown one – in a single-parent family to be hostile towards their parent’s boyfriend or girlfriend, viewing them as an intruder. Since Feral and Felina have an almost father/daughter relationship sometimes, despite being uncle and niece, it’s conceivable Feral is misinterpreting Felina’s objections to Katrina as being along similar lines.

Felina chooses not to dignify this with a reply, and simply points out that Katrina Moorkroft came to Megakat City two months ago, apparently from nowhere, and that the disappearances and murders (referred to as “these crimes”) also began two months ago. Feral refuses to believe that Katrina has anything to do with the abductions and killings. Feral dismisses it as just a coincidence, and dreamily explains that he thinks Katrina is fascinating and exciting (down boy!) and that he’s never met anyone like her, blah, blah, blah. He does everything but have heart-shaped eyes in this scene.

“So you’re not even going to check her out?” asks his niece, disbelieving.

“I certainly am,” Feral replies, snarking, “I’m meeting her for lunch.”


There you have it, people. Commander Feral is going to “check out” Katrina Moorkroft. Like “that.” Felina just rolls her eyes and leaves.

We then cut to Callie who is on the phone with Dr. Abby Sinian (which along with the Tremblays’ artbook finally settles the “Abi or Abby” debate). Sinian has developed a theory about who or what could be behind the murders. Having failed to get ahold of Feral (“He took a long lunch”), she has instead contacted Callie, and invites both her and Felina to the museum.

Act Two - Succubus!

At the museum, Dr. Sinian shows them a prehistoric carving of a ferocious female demon, presumably similar in appearance to the (male) gargoyles that have been abducting people.

Sinian identifies the creature in the carving as a succubus, and says that succubi drain the lifeforces of their male victims in their quest for eternal life, leaving behind “only parched, lifeless husks.” For unknown reasons, this isn’t being discussed in the privacy of Sinian’s office, but in the main area of the museum with several other visitors present, including some old ladies. Listening in, they’re horrified and run away, revealing one visitor who isn’t surprised in the least by anything he overhears, Otto, who has his employer’s pet ferret with him. Nobody notices him (how’d he get a pet through museum security? Claim it’s a seeing-eye ferret?).

Callie of all people seems slightly skeptical, calling it “a pretty wild story.” But Felina is convinced. Having listened to everything Dr. Sinian just told her, she now believes it really is a succubus that is behind the recent deaths, and that Katrina Moorkroft is involved somehow. Resolved to locate the succubus, she says a creature as ugly as the one depicted in the carving shouldn’t be difficult to find, but Sinian warns her that succubi can transform themselves into beautiful women. This gets Felina’s mental gears turning, and her thoughts turn again to Katrina Moorkroft. Nearby, the eavesdropping Otto becomes increasingly concerned the more he overhears.

Sinian further explains that there is a centennial eclipse of the moon coming up, and succubi are supposed to use the eclipse for a ritual to renew their beauty for a hundred years. Suddenly, a “monstrous head” (not really described in any appreciable detail) pokes itself through a nearby doorway and roars at them. Felina tries shooting it to no effect as suddenly a second head crashes through the wall and tries to eat them. As they flee down a hallway, a third head erupting through the wall, Felina tries to radio for backup, only for a huge, spiked tail to come smashing in through the wall and knock her down. She drops both her gun and the radio and the tail smashes them.Felina, Callie and Dr. Sinian try to escape out the front entrance (Otto has made himself scarce in the meantime), but one of the heads blocks their path.

They flee through the museum, with the heads (three in total) smashing through walls trying to attack them everywhere they go. Dr. Sinian leads them to a stairwell, explaining they can “get out through the garage.” Just like in The Pastmaster Always Rings Twice! And just like in that episode, they’ll be forced to go to the roof instead, except here, at least, we get an explanation for why they suddenly change their destination plans; specifically, because they’re halfway down the stairs when a head appears and blocks their path, forcing them to go up instead of down (meaning assuming they were on the ground floor to begin with, the parking garage is underground).

It’s a little difficult to follow the action here (I imagine it would’ve played out better in the final episode), but essentially they’re being attacked by what initially appear to be three different monsters, but which are eventually revealed to be one large spike-tailed monster with three heads, which is referred to in the script as “the tri-head.” Real original, Glenn. ?

Callie finds the communicator in her purse and activates it as she, Felina and Dr. Sinian run out onto the roof. However, this turns out to be a bad idea, because they become trapped up there when the tri-head erupts out of the stairwell like the saber-toothed tiger in The Pastmaster Always Rings Twice. Descriptions are still vague, but as noted it has three heads and a long spiked tail. I imagine the heads are on the ends of long necks, rather like a hydra, for it to be able to attack from multiple directions at the same time from. The snarling beast approaches the three trapped she-kats!

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