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Felix Kayne Says:

One thing that I saw pointed out sonewhere is how fast Razor gets up at this point. We see him get smacked by the giant mummy (which is A LOT of force) then he landed on his head when he landed in the giant coffin.image.jpeg

Statistics: Posted by Felix Kayne — Mon Dec 26, 2016 9:49 pm

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Krillos Says:

Definitely one of my favorite episodes of the show. I'm really into things involving the classical movie monsters and this one is just marvelous!

I especially liked that this is the last appearance of the Pastmaster, the last thing we saw of him is seeing him fall into the fiery abyss. I'd imagined that in the SWAT Kats Revolution, the Pastmaster was stuck under the ruins of Katchu-Picchu this whole time and he just finally dug himself out of there, all charred and dusty, thirsting for bloody vengeance. :twisted:

Statistics: Posted by Krillos — Mon Mar 14, 2016 4:41 pm

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Kooshmeister Says:

The Pastmaster has got got a really hard head. :lol:

I gotta say, I'm surprised this didn't cause the Pastmaster to smash apart into his component bones. 'Cause he seems like such a fragile little guy and yet he takes that statue to the face like a champ!

Statistics: Posted by Kooshmeister — Thu Feb 18, 2016 1:25 pm

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EricoBard Says:

Ohhh, nice gifwork there. :) And very apt to the conversation.

Statistics: Posted by EricoBard — Sun Feb 07, 2016 5:42 pm

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MoDaD Says:

In this same episode, we saw him kick his way out of a stone sarcophagus. You can't do that with just strength alone...
...his ability to land his blows carefully and SURGICALLY is what makes him such a terror to his enemies.

Statistics: Posted by MoDaD — Sun Feb 07, 2016 5:29 pm

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EricoBard Says:

Not so, if you think about it.

In my story, "Foundation of Trust", I have Felina eventually comparing notes between T-Bone and Razor, and she realizes that those are more than just callsigns they chose. They're actually a very accurate reflection of both their personalities and their fighting styles. Their names, whether the Tremblays meant to imply it or not, are indicative of how they approach a fight.

T-Bone is just as his name implies: A juggernaut. Being the more physically imposing of the two, he prefers brute force. T-Bone is the one more quick to throw punches, rely on chokeholds, and the like. It's in his personality; direct, in your face, and very sure of himself.

Razor, on the other hand, is someone who relies on precision. Make no mistake that he's strong, but it isn't raw force and strength that he uses as his primary weapon, but rather his dexterity, his flexibility. Razor doesn't have to be the bludgeoning cudgel or warhammer that T-Bone is; He applies his strength selectively. His skill in the martial arts isn't to be underestimated. On infiltration missions, he's the better pick. Razor doesn't have to be strong enough to knock down the entire wall. Just like his namesake, he relies on a sharp cutting edge; maximum force applied in a very precise spot for greater effect.

In this same episode, we saw him kick his way out of a stone sarcophagus. You can't do that with just strength alone; his ability to land his blows carefully and SURGICALLY is what makes him such a terror to his enemies. With that evidence in mind, I can easily see him being able to do a flying jump kick and strike the crystalline faceplates of the Katchu Picchu mummies. Notice the damage; he doesn't kick out the entire frame, he cracks it, a spiderweb of damage around a very small, locally centered impact point.

Lastly, recall that these mummies suffered from "Power Rangers Putty Patrol" weakness...hit them anywhere else, they get back up and keep coming. You have to hit their emblem...their faceplate, in the case of these behemoth cause a critical blow. And even then, you need to shine a little light on the subject. The Enforcers all try for bodyshots, center of mass. It doesn't matter what kind of weapon they're shooting, apparently; it doesn't do them any good, as the attacks don't focus on the mummy's weak spot. Laser cannons, helicopter gatling fire, tank rounds, whatever. The undead have always been particularly resilient, regardless of medium.

Sure, this is meant as a mechanism to show once again how useless the Enforcers are in Omega Level crisis events and how awesome the SWAT Kats are, but really they're not stronger than a tank, or a helicopter's gatling gun.

Razor just knows where to hit them to make it count.

Statistics: Posted by EricoBard — Sun Feb 07, 2016 12:20 pm

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Darker Says:

But, he gets redeemed with some pretty cool karate-moves:

How is that karate, though? It's such a basic throwing move. :lol:
(I think it's worth noting this bit of teamwork was done without either of them exchanging a word beforehand.)
Seriously how are these kats so ridiculously strong? Those huge mummies could take laser guns like nothing, iirc, yet a kick from the physically weakest one of the SWAT Kats does some damage to their heads?

That's way too much strength for these guys.

Statistics: Posted by Darker — Sun Feb 07, 2016 12:21 am

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Ocelot Says:

even though in the past some have criticized the characters (Razor in particular) look a little off-model.
I actually liked the way Razor looked here. He looked more catlike instead of the weird whiskers he has in the other episodes. All the characters are superbly drawn here. Most especially Callie, this is the most beautiful she has looked in the entire series. And also love the cameo from Callista.

Statistics: Posted by Ocelot — Sun Jan 31, 2016 6:05 am

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Kanogetz Says:

Oh man, this episode rocks! Superb animation with great action shots and perspectives, giant mummy warriors, lots of devastation.. great stuff.

I remember I recorded this particular episode on vhs and after the episode ended, I used to watch it later so that I could examine the frames and practice my drawing. It was kinda painful pausing it on the exact frame that I was searching for but I think it was worth it in the end! :D

Gotta say, I love Cybertron, I think he was adorable. He's gesticulation when he was ordered to protect Callie and Dr. Sinnian always makes me smile. He did his best, also felt really sorry for him when he got smacked into a wall, ouch. I remember that Professor Hackle said that it will take years to repair him and now, over 20 years later, with new series on the way.... MAYBE.. we'll get to see him again? :lol:

Statistics: Posted by Kanogetz — Mon Oct 12, 2015 10:36 am

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Kooshmeister Says:

Well by this point "Callie got kidnapped" was sort of a given. She was there, she isn't anymore, Cybertron is all beat up, therefore deductive reasoning dictates the villains trashed him and got her. As opposed to them interpreting Cybertron's beeps I think they just went with what seemed like the likeliest scenario. I mean, considering the rate at which it occurs, the SWAT Kats probably leap directly to "Callie got kidnapped" as the first explanation in every scenario. :lol:

Statistics: Posted by Kooshmeister — Thu Jul 16, 2015 1:56 am

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