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Cybertron lands on an outcropping and is knocked out, while Razor falls further and is presumed dead by Turmoil’s guards, but in reality he saves himself using a grappling hook. The guards bring Cybertron to Turmoil, who orders him reprogrammed. Skiing the rest of the way and avoiding further attacks by Omega Squadron, Razor breaks into the Cloud Fortress and frees Cybertron from Turmoil’s control before destroying the villains’ control over the Mega-Beam, turning it against the base. Turmoil and her entourage flee the melting fortress, and she and the mind-controlled T-Bone confront Razor and Cybertron near a cliff. After Razor manages to destroy the Crown of Obedience, returning T-Bone to normal, an enraged Turmoil throws a grenade. It causes a huge avalanche. Although T-Bone, Razor and Cybertron all survive, Turmoil is swept off the cliff edge to her death.

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  1. Paul xo says:

    Im curious to see what the 2019 drawing style of SWAT Kats would be. It was awesome looking even back in 1994.

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