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Why, that’s just superstitious hoo-doo nonsense! This is just an extinct volcano, and that is just an old stone that’s sitting in the way of progress.
C Animato Grade


When the evil fire demon Volcanus is accidentally released from his island prison, it’s up to the SWAT Kats to put out the fire.

Animato Summary

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Mark LungoMark Lungo

Mayor Manx and Mr. Young plan to build an industrial park on Anakata Island, the SWAT Kats equivalent to Hawaii.

During construction, the ancient “fire demon” Volcanus (Frank Welker, no dialogue, just monster noises) is accidentally freed from his volcano prison. “Lava Lips” soon heads for the mainland and becomes the latest giant monster to stomp through the streets of Megakat City, ho hum.

There are only two things of interest here: Razor wears a nifty heat suit while battling the beast, and veteran character actor Clyde Kusatsu (All-American Girl) plays an islander who tries to warn Manx and Young about Volcanus. C

Animato summary written by Mark Lungo

Volcanus Erupts! Script

Volcanus Erupts! Script

Provided by Tremblay Bros. studios, this is the official script for Volcanus Erupts!

Download / Read Script PDF

Volcanus Erupts! Stills Gallery

Volcanus Erupts! Stills Gallery

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