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1997 Cartoon Network Promo Exclusive


Cartoon Network produced clip sequence promoting a SWAT Kats syndicated time slot.

Remastered Version

Lukas “Jack” Jaro painstakingly coordinated an identification of this promo’s original source footage and collected it to re-create in its entirety for an up-scaled, HD version.

To celebrate the success of the Swat Kats Revolution Kickstarter campaign, I decided to remaster an old ’90s Swat Kats promo from Cartoon Network.

This promo originally aired on Cartoon Network India/Asia between 1997-1999 and promotes the show in the Power Zone action block.

It was tricky to remaster, because the source file had bad quality (as you can see in the comparison) and the promo contains several graphical elements. I tried to clean as much as I could (from the intro/outro door animation, gunsight and logos to the footage itself) while trying to stay as true to the original as possible. I would say it is a 90% accurate re-creation. I also slightly cleaned the audio as well. I originally planned to remaster the audio, and created the bgm, but due to the lack of missing sfx and vo I decided not to. Shout out to and for helping me identify the episodes.

I worked on it on and off for several weeks ?

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SWAT KATS (C) Warner Bros. Entertainment/Hanna-Barbera/Christian Tremblay & Yvon Tremblay. No copyright infrigiment intended. For entertainment purposes only. Support SWAT KATS by buying the complete series on DVD!

~ Jack Jaro

Original Version

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