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Below are more details about the unique settings and other items which would’ve appeared in Blowout!, had it been made instead of Katastrophe.

    The Fear Train was Dark Kat’s armored mobile command center, an enormous, powerful train engine that drove without the need of train tracks and pulled three large cars behind it. Both heavily armed and armored, the Fear Train featured quad cannons in each of its three cars for defensive purposes. It was concealed within the funhouse at the MegAmusement Park. When the SWAT Kats discovered Dark Kat’s hideout at the park, he took an imprisoned Callie Briggs and Mayor Manx and escaped with them aboard the train. He planned to use the vehicle to ram into and destroy City Hall. However, when he revealed that he planned to betray the Metallikats, they tried to kill him, but missed and hit the controls, causing the Fear Train to careen wildly out of control and drive towards the Megakat Tower instead of City Hall. Razor, boarding via the Cyclotron, was able to rescue both Callie and Max. The three of them escaped using a rope ladder dangling from the Turbokat, allowing the Fear Train to crash into the Megakat Tower with Dark Kat and the Metallikats still aboard. The train was destroyed when the entire building collapsed on top of it.
    The hedge elephant was a topiary animal trimmed in the shape of an elephant, located in the MegAmusement Park’s topiary garden. Dr. Viper brought it to life, turning it into one of his monsters, intending to use it to kill the SWAT Kats. However, as it was about to attack them, the Metallikats came up behind the vigilantes and opened fire with their multi-weapons. The SWAT Kats dodged, allowing the Metallikats to accidentally kill the mutant hedge elephant instead.
    Hoverkats were small, one-person hover vehicles used by the SWAT Kats to explore the abandoned MegAmusement Park in an attempt to find Dark Kat’s hideout. When the Metallikats appeared out of a shooting gallery near the funhouse, firing their multi-weapons, T-Bone and Razor leaped off of the Hoverkats, which were hit by the robots’ gunfire and destroyed.
    The MegAmusement Park was a large amusement park in Megakat City. Dark Kat used it as his base of operations while it was under construction and thus not in use. Among other things, it featured a four story funhouse, a shooting gallery and a topiary garden. The funhouse concealed Dark Kat’s Fear Train. The SWAT Kats fought Dr. Viper and the Metallikats in the amusement park’s topiary garden.
    “Mega-Charities” was, ostensibly, a charitable organization in Megakat City which wished to honor Callie Briggs and Mayor Manx for their skills in civic leadership. A large banquet was planned in their honor, and a private car was even sent to pick them up. However, no such charity existed and in truth it was simply a trap laid by Dark Kat to capture the Mayor and Deputy Mayor to use them as bait for the SWAT Kats.
    The Megakat Forum was a public area in Megakat City. Among other things, it featured a large sports stadium, where a captured Callie Briggs and Mayor Manx were held prisoner in a glass cage atop a huge platform.
    The Mega-Trees were three huge mutated plant monsters created by Dr. Viper to aid him in his attempt to break into Megakat Biochemical Labs and steal Katalyst 100. They consisted of a palm tree and a cactus with three eyes each, and a hundred foot tall sequoia with form arms. The palm tree and the cactus were capable of firing razor-sharp projectiles (fronds and spines, respectively) as weapons. Dr. Viper rode on the sequoia during the attack against the lab. All three creatures were killed in battle against the SWAT Kats.
    The Mole Kat was a vehicle used by the SWAT Kats which was capable of tunnelling underground. During the vigilantes’ attempt to rescue Callie Briggs and Mayor Manx from the stadium, while T-Bone kept the Metallikats distracted, Razor used the Mole Kat to tunnel up behind the platform where Callie and Manx were being held. The vehicle was left sitting in the stadium when the platform the hostages were standing on flew away and the SWAT Kats flew after it in the Turbokat.
    The Super Glovatrix was an enhanced version of the SWAT Kats’ Glovatrixes. Razor wore one during his battle with Dr. Viper and his Venus Trap Flies in the stadium at the Megakat Forum. In addition to a compliment of the usual SWAT Kat gadgetry and weapons, the Super Glovatrix evidently gave the wearer enhanced physical strength, allowing Razor to swing Viper around by the tail and send him flying. Razor also tried to use the hand the Super Glovatrix was on to pry open the reinforced door of the glass cage holding a captive Callie Briggs and Mayor Manx, but he was unsuccessful. Later, he used it to fire Mini Cement Launchers at Dark Kat’s Creeplings aboard the Fear Train.
    The Venus Trap Flies were creations of Dr. Viper’s. They were half plant, half insect mutants with the legs and wings of flies and the mouths of venus flytraps. Viper created three of them in order to aid him during his time as part of Dark Kat’s “unholy alliance.” Razor battled the Venus Trap Flies, killing one using his Super Glovatrix. He then swung Viper around by his tail, and threw him into the other two, defeating them.

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