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Freeze Juice

Freeze Juice - Destructive Nature Reviewed
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Meanwhile, T-Bone, still flying around in the Turbokat being absolutely no help to the Enforcers, gets on the horn to Razor. “Feral’s strikin’ out big-time down there,” he reports, then asks how Razor is doing. Razor, currently crawling through the air ducts with Callie, tells his partner as much, revealing they’re en route to the roof. T-Bone comes back that “that’s a negative,” and we’re shown why as the jet is suddenly rushed by the flying plantimals. After avoiding them, T-Bone says that “those critters” won’t let him land to pick them up.

Razor says there’s “no time” for that, and Callie reveals Dr. Viper’s evil scheme thusly, “He’s growing a pod to destroy the city!” Wow, that was pretty informative. “We’ll have to stop him from inside,” Razor says. Why? T-Bone doesn’t bother to ask this, instead saying that “you don’t have much time. From what I can see, that ugly thing is about ready to burst!” Indeed, we’re soon shown the spore pod, blob-like, expanding out through the skylight of the penthouse. I just realized T-Bone could simply shoot the thing. Although the plantimals themselves are unharmed by normal weapons there’s never any indication the spore pod is. Razor however simply says they’re “on our way” and terminates the conversation.

Freeze Juice - Destructive Nature Reviewed

Callie shivers and notes that it’s rather cold. “Am I just scared or is it freezing in here?” Cue two Rover plantimals who burst up through a vent and attack them. As they approach, they’re suddenly hit with a blast of cold air from another vent that freezes them solid!!! Callie tells Razor to “blast ’em,” and the SWAT Kat says all he’s got left are “grappling hooks,” one of which he launches at the two frozen mutants, shattering them. Okay, now, the idea is that the plantimals are extremely susceptible to the cold, but I really, really, really doubt they’d freeze solid in seconds from a blast of your garden variety AC. And even if they were, shouldn’t the air be cold enough to flash-freeze Razor and Callie as well?

Freeze Juice - Destructive Nature Reviewed

Callie cheers and says it worked. “Yeah, but the cold stopped ’em first,” Razor observes. Callie says it’s a shame they couldn’t “freeze the whole building,” and Razor, getting an idea, contacts T-Bone again and tells him to make a pick-up at “the space center.” When T-Bone asks what it is Razor needs, he’s told to ger “super rocket coolant.” They agree to meet on the roof in ten minutes, the whole “can’t land because of the plantimals” thing totally forgotten about.

Callie asks how they’ll make it in ten minutes, and Razor asserts, “‘Cause we’re gonna take a shortcut!” He then goes to another vent cover (this one is circular while all the others are rectangular, go figure) and pushes it off to reveal what appears to be an elevator shaft, or at least a master vent shaft of some sort. The duct cover plummets down into the darkness and Callie grumbles, “You call this a shortcut?” By the way, a curde marking right alongside the open vent indicates they’re currently on the 145th floor of the tower. Callie holds onto Razor as he jumps out into the shaft and grabs hold of a handy vine that happens to dangling (the shaft itself is filled with these and thicker, spinier ones lining the walls). They begin to climb.

Freeze Juice - Destructive Nature Reviewed

"The front office wants to give freeze juice to a vigilante, who are we to argue?"

Cut to the M.A.S.A Space Center, which is, well, obviously a spoof of N.A.S.A. Although it only gets a cameo in this episode, it plays a much larger role in the upcoming episode, The Ci-Kat-A. The Turbokat flies in despite “flight control” telling T-Bone he’s not cleared to land there. T-Bone retorts that he has “an emergency situation.” The flight control guy asks him to explain, and he says, “Here’s the deal!” and we immediately cut to the Turbokat taking off with a big yellow canister that says “N2” on it.

Two guys in aqua-blue M.A.S.A. jumpsuits, white helmets, and sunglasses watch him leave. The first guy wonders what T-Bone wants with the super rocket coolant, but his partner says if “the front office wants to give freeze juice to a vigilante, who are we to argue?” The first cat then says, “Yeah, but that one barrel has enough to freeze a whole city block!” I’d really like to know just what T-Bone told “the front office” to get them to hand him an entire thing of what seems to amount to liquid nitrogen.

Freeze Juice - Destructive Nature Reviewed

Back at the Megakat Tower, Razor and Callie continue to climb up the vine in the vertical air shaft, only to run into trouble in the form of a large, chompy plant creature resembling a venus flytrap coming up from the bottom of the shaft. It gains on them swiftly and seems about to devour them alive. Callie says it’s been nice knowing Razor, but Razor replies, “Thanks, and it still will be!” He then saves their asses by launching a grappling hook from his Glovatrix which attaches to the ceiling, pulling himself and Callie upwards and out of the jaws of the plant monster. Meanwhile, T-Bone approaches with the tank of “super rocket coolant,” vowing to do, um, something drastic if it turns out Razor has been killed.

Dr. Viper, standing on the roof with the spore pod which has now completely outgrown the penthouse, sees the Turbokat approaching and sics the Flyers on T-Bone. T-Bone attempts to turn them into “barbecued cabbage” (his favorite, or so he says) with the backwash from the jet’s engines, but the creatures survive being burned and resume pursuit. Razor then contacts T-Bone over the radio (“Don’t tell me you’re givin’ up!”), and T-Bone seems genuinely surprised that his partner is alive. This is, like, the second or third time we’ve seen that T-Bone has absolutely no faith whatsoever in Razor’s ability to accomplish something alone without being killed, and if memory serves it won’t be the last.

Thinking T-Bone is giving up, Dr. Viper cackles evilly and says, “In a few minutes, it’ll be all over!” “You can say that again, snake puss!” Razor says from behind him, and a shocked Viper whirls to face him and Callie. For some reason he cries out that their being here is not possible, to which Razor replies, “Anything’s possible, ugly!” Viper attacks Razor and the two roll around fighting for a moment, before the mutant snake-cat swats Razor off the rooftop with his tail, sending him to “oblivion.” Callie runs over, shocked, and Viper and a few of the two-legged Rover plantimals close in on her as Viper says she’s next. But suddenly the Turbokat rises up alongside the roof with Razor standing on the wing. He helps Callie aboard and the Turbokat flies off just as the Rovers try to jump on, too, and they all fall to their (implied) deaths.

Freeze Juice - Destructive Nature Reviewed

The Flyers pursue the jet, and their acid spit somehow ruins the Turbokat’s targetting system, meaning that Razor will have to go release the “freeze bomb” by hand, which he does. He accomplishes this by first opening a panel in the floor of the cockpit large enough for him to drop through (and despite the fact there wouldn’t be any room, the seat actually slides backwards), then hops down onto the rocket coolant tank dangling beneath the Turbokat, declaring, “Get ready, Viper, the SWAT Kats are gonna put the big chill on your big plans!” There’s a truly pointless bit of one of the pursuing plantimals’ acid spit hitting the cable holding the tank aloft, and then Razor releases it when T-Bone targets the spore pod on the roof. The tank is released, Razor climbs back up into the cockpit (barely avoiding an acid loogie in the process), and then the tank slams into the roof as Dr. Viper lets out a scream.

This results in a massive explosion that releases super-cold gases throughout the Megakat Tower, freezing everything. As for the Flyers, the Turbokat flies through the cloud of gases above the building and comes out fine, but when the critters follow they emerge frozen solid and drop like stones.

Freeze Juice - Destructive Nature Reviewed

Out front, Commander Feral and his men all get clear as frozen debris rains down from above. The mutated Behemoth plantimal that was guarding the entrance is frozen thusly, then cracks up and falls apart. Observing from within the Turbokat, T-Bone says Dr. Viper ought to make his plans “frost free” next time. Shouldn’t he mean “frost proof?” Anyway, Callie tells them to set her down, since the Mayor will “need sedation” when he sees what has become of his pet skyscraper. Once on the ground, Callie thanks the SWAT Kats and good-byes are said. However when T-Bone says Razor needs to get home and water his plants, Razor says he’s had enough gardening for one day and tosses aside a frozen chunk of plant matter that was in the jet (where did that come from?), and then he and T-Bone fly off.

Freeze Juice - Destructive Nature Reviewed

Shortly thereafter Mayor Manx arrives in his limo, still wearing his golfing clothes. Although he doesn’t exactly need sedation, he’s still plenty upset when he beholds the thawing ruin of the once proud Megakat Tower. We then see that Mr. Young and the other two Siamese businessmen are with him, and Young says (in not so many words) that in light of the building being destroyed and all, he’s going to have to pass on the Mayor’s “generous offer” to house his corporate headquarters there. Two problems with this closer, though. For starters, even though Manx is still in his golfing attire, the Siamese businessmen are back in their suits and ties. And secondly, after turning down Manx’s offer they turn and begin walking off down the street. What? Where are they going, and why don’t they demand to have Manx’s limo take them there? Oy.

The End.

No further comments on this one, really. It’s an episode I saw after the fact, by which I mean it isn’t one of the ones I watched as a kid when the show originally aired, and therefore it holds absolutely no sentimental or nostalgic value for me whatsoever. In fact, it’s quite dull to me, both in its story and in its animation. It’s definitely an improvement over The Wrath of Dark Kat, but still not as well-executed as the first two episodes.

Freeze Juice - Destructive Nature Reviewed

" Lance Falk's original script, Dr. Viper was not the main villain. Instead, it was a botanist named Dr. Leiter Greenbox..."

Oh, one more point of interest: in Lance Falk’s original script, Dr. Viper was not the main villain. Instead, it was a botanist named Dr. Leiter Greenbox, who, after creating the plantimals, is involved in an accident that turns him into a half plant, half cat creature, and then he tries to take over the Megakat Tower and the remainder of the script is actually pretty much the same as the finished episode. However, ultimately it was decided that they ought to bring back Viper, so Falk rewrote the script accordingly. All was not lost however. The character of Dr. Greenbox would eventually be used in the episode Chaos in Crystal, albeit as a misguided inventor and not an evil botanist.

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