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Hanna-Barbera Style Guidebook Exclusive

Hanna-Barbera Style Guidebook


Loaned to by Dominick DeSantis, this Production Style Guidebook has only been partially seen on the internet. Fragmented copies and low-resolution scans were made available to Strike’s SWAT Kats Zone in the mid 90s, and have become iconic imagery that were an integral part of the early fandom’s internet experience. View the book in its entirety at this dedicated sub-site:

Hanna-Barbera Style Guidebook

The book features 69 pages of content.

Contributed By
Dominick DeSantisDominick DeSantis

Now, 30 years after the series first aired, this Style Guidebook is finally available in its entirety and in high resolution, showing this item in detail that has never been seen before by the public.

Special thanks again goes to Dominic DeSantis who managed to get a hold of this item from a prominent former member of the SWAT Kats production team who has chosen to remain anonymous.

View the book in its entirety at this dedicated sub-site:

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