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Utilizing the template provided by, I’ve taken it upon myself to go through each episode of season one and count the number of confirmable deaths.


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A Note on Vehicles: This list assumes that it is S.O.P. that:

  • Enforcer choppers have two pilots based on what we’re shown in The Pastmaster Always Rings Twice (9303). So every destroyed helicopter counts as two deaths unless any interior shots of the aircraft confirm only one pilot.
  • Enforcer jets come in both two-seater and single-seater configurations. Single-seaters however seem to be more common, so, unless explicitly shown otherwise, all destroyed jets where no one ejects counts as one death.
  • Enforcer Peacekeepers have a driver and gunner as default, except in situations where there is a commander (Feral or one of the Enforcer sergeants). The commander is usually a named character and is visibly poking out of the turret hatch. Two Enforcer commandos per tank is based on what we see in Destructive Nature (9304) and Metal Urgency (9312). Every tank destroyed without someone (besides the commander) bailing out counts as two deaths.
  • Enforcer sedans (also referred to in production material as “prowl cars”) seem to generally carry two sergeants or commandos apiece without exception.
  • All other anonymous civilian vehicles that aren’t obviously parked (i.e. destroyed while in motion) presumably have a single driver. Thus each destroyed car counts as one death.

Further Notes:

  • Characters who kill themselves (intentionally or accidentally) count for 1 kill for that character (or more if their actions kill others, such as the Creepling in Night of the Dark Kat (9307)).

1. The Pastmaster Always Rings Twice (9303)

Complete Deaths List

"You have the right to remain buried!"


  • T-Bone: 4
  • Razor: 4
  • Pterodactyls: 4
  • King: 2


The Right to Remain Buried: 2

  • King shoots and kills the two zombies.

Lifelike Exhibit: 1

  • Razor hits the sabertoothed tiger zombie with the cement machine gun, plastering it to the wall, encasing it in cement.

Volcano Hoppin’: 4

  • Using Spider Missiles, the SWAT Kats tie up 2 long-necked flying reptiles, causing them to fall into the prehistoric lake, where they drown.
  • The SWAT Kats lead the remaining 2 long-necked flying reptiles into an active volcano, where they’re overcome by the fumes and fall into lava. This was Razor’s idea, so it’s technically his double kill.

The Enforcers Attack: 4

  • One of the Pastmaster’s pterodactyls sends an Enforcer chopper into a tailspin and it crashes into a second, destroying both.

Fighting City Hall: 3

  • T-Bone fries 1 pterodactyl using the Turbokat’s backwash.
  • T-Bone leads 2 more pterdactyls into a spin, causing them to collide with one another, get knocked unconscious and fall out of the sky.


  • The episode doesn’t confirm if the museum guard dies when the dinosaur skeleton falls on him.-We don’t see the Megasaurus rex sink into the tar any further than up to his chin, so his death cannot be ascertained.-We never find out what happened to the remaining pterodactyls and Enforcer choppers during the final battle.


2. The Giant Bacteria (9301)

Complete Deaths List


  • Morbulus/Bacteria Monster(s): 12
  • Razor: 2
  • T-Bone: 1
  • Dr. Viper: 1


Refinery Reign of Terror: 6

  • Morbulus shoots down 3 Enforcer choppers.

The Farm: 2

  • The bacteria monster eats a cow.
  • Dr. Viper grabs the farmer with his tail and feeds him to the monster. Shared kill.

Subway Horror: 10

  • A bacteria monster (the original having divided into three by this point) eats a three car subway train, killing the motorman and 8 visible passengers.
  • Razor tricks the bacteria monster into stepping on the third rail, electrocuting it, killing the first part of Morbulus.

Lab Siege: 3

  • Razor kills 1 bacteria monster by firing a Megavolt Missile down its throat, causing it to be electrocuted from the inside out, killing the second to last part of what remains of Morbulus.
  • The final bacteria monster reaches in through the window and grabs Dr. Zyme, squishing him (the episode never confirms his death, but it’s obvious we’re meant to think he died).
  • T-Bone uses the Turbokat to cut some powerlines, which fall onto and electrocute the final monster, killing the last vestige of Morbulus.


  • There were probably lots of workers in the refinery Morbulus blew up at the beginning. It’s possible however that the refineries were being evacuated due to the ongoing attacks. Or maybe it was just Sunday.
  • The Octopus Missile Morbulus dodges hits a building, but it’s uncertain if anyone was in it, and it appears as if only the balcony was destroyed, anyway.
  • The bacteria monster may have eaten the other cows we see on the farm, but this isn’t confirmed.
  • Although there’s a businessman on the train platform when the bacteria monster enters the subway, he is never shown being attacked and in fact the monster seems to ignore him completely.
  • There were probably way more people on the subway train, but I only counted the ones visible in the first car.
  • It’s unclear whether Megakat Labs’ defense turrets which the bacteria monsters destroy are manned or automated.
  • Although Dr. Viper blows up Megakat Labs with himself inside, he returns later.-We also don’t know if there was anyone else in the lab when it blew up.


3. The Wrath of Dark Kat (9305)

Complete Deaths List


  • Razor: 2


Mid-Flight Fight: 2

  • Razor punches the first Creepling, knocking it out of the bomb bay. Although Creeplings can fly, I maintain it’s really only for short periods and the Fear Ship is at way too high an altitude.
  • Razor squirts mongo pepper juice into the second Creepling’s eyes, then knocks it out of the bomb bay.


  • The top portion of Enforcer Headquarters was still under construction when Chance and Jake’s jet hits it, so it was probably empty and no deaths are mentioned.-As regards the third Creepling in the bomb bay, although it’s still standing on the bomb when it drops, it disappears between frames and as the bomb actually falls, only Razor is clinging to it.
  • Dark Kat and at least 2-3 Creeplings were still aboard the Fear Ship when T-Bone shoots it down, Dark Kat obviously returns later. Besides, they were all in the forward section of the ship, and T-Bone only destroys the rear portion.


4. Destructive Nature (9304)

Complete Deaths List


  • Razor: 9


A Rush of Cold Air: 2

  • Razor shoots the two frozen Rovers, shattering them.

Rooftop Battle: 3

  • 3 Rovers try to leap onto the Turbokat, miss, and fall to their deaths.

The Big Chill: 7

  • 5 Flyers are frozen by the mist generated by the exploding rocket coolant tank dropped by Razor, and drop from the sky.
  • The giant Venus’ flytrap-like plant monster in the air shaft (the “elevator beastie”) is likely killed by the cold air rushing through the building, since the entire structure is frozen solid.
  • The giant, mutated Behemoth guarding the entrance is frozen and then shattered by falling chunks of debris.


  • Although Burge’s chopper was partially melted by the Flyers’ acidic spit, he apparently manages to land safely offscreen, since according to the script, he and King are the pilots who drop the weed killer on the Behemoth.
  • Dr. Viper smacks the Rover who let Callie get away into a window with his tail. The impact cracks the glass and the Plantimal leaves a slimy trail as it slides down to the floor, but it’s unclear whether this killed the creature.
  • Many, many more Plantimals probably died when the Megakat Tower was frozen, but I only counted the ones we see being frozen and killed onscreen (plus the “elevator beastie” since there was nowhere for it to go).
  • Viper is still on the penthouse roof when the rocket coolant tank hits it, but he is shown turning to run and returns in Katastrophe (9313).


5. The Metallikats (9302)

Complete Deaths List


  • Mac Mange: 3


“Firing” Katscratch: 3

  • Mac shoots Katscratch with his multi-weapon, burning him to death.
  • At least 2 mobsters die when Mac’s exploding cigar destroys the tuna factory.

Prison Break: 2

  • A ship in the fog hits Mac and Molly’s rowboat, drowning them (they’re found and rebuilt as robots by Professor Hackle, but they’re still dead for some time washed up on the beach).


  • Although Fango is the only confirmed survivor of the destroyed factory, he and two other mobsters were out of range of the immediate blast and seen running around in the burning building when Razor uses the X-Ray Beam, so it’s possible the other two mobsters survived as well.


6. Bride of the Pastmaster (9306)

Complete Deaths List


  • Cyclopes: 14
  • Razor: 3
  • Dragon: 2
  • Harpies: 1


The Battle with the Oilsucker: 1

  • Razor fires a Match Head Missile down the sea monster’s throat, igniting all the crude oil it’d eaten, blowing it up from the inside.

The Cyclops: 8

  • The Pastmaster’s cyclops kills 7 of Queen Callista’s guards with his spiked club.-Razor ties up the cyclops’ ankles, causing him to fall over the cliff to his death.

The Queen Abducted: 1

  • One of the harpies grabs 1 city guard, flying him up into the air and releasing him from a great height, dropping him to his death.

Dark Age Urban Renewal: 5

  • The second cyclops smashes the city wall with his club, knocking 2 archers and a spearman to their deaths.
  • The third cyclops likewise knocks 1 spearman and another guard off the battlements to their deaths.
  • Razor dumps a cauldron of boiling hot stew onto the second cyclops’ face, blinding him. He backs off a cliff to his death.

Rescuing the Queen: 2

  • The Pastmaster’s dragon accidentally breathes fire on the 2 harpies, killing them.


  • More guards probably died during the cyclopes’ attack on the city walls, but we only explicitly see 5 get killed.
  • It’s unclear if the SWAT Kats kill the third cyclops by hitting him in the head with the mace, or just knock him unconscious. They are pretty big guys, after all. In any case, his death is never confirmed or denied.
  • T-Bone shoots the dragon with the enchanted Dragon Sword tied to a missile, seemingly disintegrating both him and the Pastmaster who was riding him. However, the Pastmaster returns later in A Bright and Shiny Future (9401). So it’s possible he and the dragon were merely teleported to another plane instead of killed. Besides, as a time-traveling villain, even if the Pastmaster does die here, the SWAT Kats can always encounter another iteration of him from before or after the events of this episodes. So it’s best to leave him and his dragon “up in the air.”
  • The episode ends with the SWAT Kats returning to the modern era and fighting another sea monster, and they plan to dump the boiling hot stew down its throat. Not only is this unclear if it’ll kill it, the episode ends before they do it.


7. Night of the Dark Kat (9307)

Complete Deaths List


  • Hard Drive: 20
  • Creeplings: 2


Turbokat Rampage: 20

  • Hard Drive uses the stolen Turbokat’s cement machine gun to shoot 5 Enforcer choppers, gumming up their rotor blades so they can’t fly, causing them to drop out of the sky and crash.
  • Hard Drive shoots down 5 more Enforcer choppers with Buzzsaw Missiles.

Conveyor Belt Escape: 2

  • One of the Creeplings set off the trap Dark Kat left in the kitty litter factory, blowing himself and another Creepling up along with the entire building.


  • Surely loads of people were in the six skyscrapers Hard Drive destroyed (three seen, one mentioned, two overheard), but no death toll is mentioned. Must’ve been Sunday.
  • Razor fires at 2 Creeplings with his bazooka, but the explosion goes off behind them, and they appear to be harmlessly flung into Dark Kat rather than killed.
  • Hard Drive somehow survives two direct hits from the SWAT Kats’ bazooka (once when wielded by Razor, and again by Dark Kat).


8. Chaos in Crystal (9309)

Complete Deaths List


  • Dr. Leiter Greenbox: 1


Meece Goes to Pieces: 1

  • Dr. Greenbox accidentally bumps into the crystallized Warden Meece, knocking him over and shattering him.


  • Many guards on the perimeter wall of the prison were probably killed in their crystallized state when Shard punched and destroyed the wall, but this is not shown or discussed.
  • The main building of the crystallized prison is shattered when Shard throws an (empty) Enforcer Peacekeeper tank into it, but it’s impossible to say how many crystallized prisoners and guards would’ve died.


9. The Ghost Pilot (9308)

Complete Deaths List


  • The Red Lynx: 6
  • Mayor Manx: 1


The Greatest Dogfights of Mega War II: 1

  • We see the (living) Red Lynx shoot down an enemy pilot in some historical footage.

Dead, But Using Live Ammo: 1

  • In his biplane, the undead Red Lynx tricks an Enforcer chopper containing 1 pilot (that we see) into hitting a building and blowing up.

The Red Lynx Upgrades: 2

  • 2 Enforcer commandos are killed by the backwash of the experimental Blue Manx jet when the Red Lynx steals it and takes off.

How Do You Kill a Ghost?: 4

  • The Red Lynx shoots down 2 Enforcer choppers.

The Final Showdown: 1

  • Mayor Manx shoots down the Blue Manx with the Red Lynx’s ghost in it, killing him once and for all.


  • Charlie is knocked into the wall by the Red Lynx’s biplane when he steals it from the museum, and Charlie slides to the floor, but it’s more likely he was merely knocked unconscious.
  • The Red Lynx shoots down 2 Enforcer choppers using his biplane, but his Mega War II-era machine guns don’t seem to do too much damage. Their rotor blades were still spinning, so it’s possible their pilots managed to land safely.
  • It’s possible many people were killed when the Enforcer missile the Red Lynx dodged hit the blue building, but this is never confirmed or denied. Must be another Sunday when everyone had the day off.
  • Likewise for the building the third Enforcer chopper is tricked into crashing into.
  • Although Feral yells at someone over the phone “How could you let a multi-million dollar jet get hijacked?!”, implying he’s speaking to the commandos he left to guard the Blue Manx, I’m pretty confident those two got fried and Feral was talking to someone else.


10. Metal Urgency (9312)

Complete Deaths List


  • Mac Mange: 10
  • Molly Mange: 10
  • Razor: 2


Hard Drive’s Joyride: 2

  • Razor uses Scrambler Missiles to disable the Behemoth tank’s controls, causing it to roll over and crush Feral’s Peacekeeper. We see Feral bail out, but not the two previously established commandos manning it. Indirect (and accidental, unintended) double kill for Razor.

Driving to Puma-Dyne: 12

  • Mac rams and completely destroys 2 cars out of the way with the Metallikat Express.
  • Molly fires multiple missiles that hit and destroy at least 5 Enforcer Peacekeeper tanks.

Robot Rampage: 8

  • Mac steps on 2 Enforcer Peacekeepers with Goliath (one onscreen, the other offscreen and seen crushed in later background shots).
  • Goliath kicks 1 Peacekeeper with its foot, sending it flying offscreen.-Mac shoots 1 Peacekeeper using Goliath’s arm guns.


  • During his rampage with the Behemoth, Hard Drive knocks two Enforcer Peacekeepers onto their sides. It’s unclear if this would kill or even seriously injure their crews the way it would a real tank.
  • Hard Drive also rolls over two Enforcer sedans parked nose to nose, but it’s likely they were serving as an impromptu blockade and there was no one in them.
  • The third vehicle Mac hits with the Metallikat Express, a stake truck, appears to survive sitting upright with the cab untouched, so the driver likely survived.
  • It’s likely there were many people in the green building Razor knocked Goliath into using Prowler. Then again, maybe this also takes place on a Sunday.
  • Ditto the yellow building Prowler is sent flying into by a blast from Goliath’s shoulder-mounted rocket launcher.
  • As with many recurring bad guy “deaths,” despite Hackle’s claims about the neural neutralizer’s effects, the Metallikats would be back later on, but all dialogue here suggests they’re turned off for good (i.e. killed) as far as this episode is concerned. Nevertheless, I’m not counting it.


11. The-Ci-Kat-A (9310)

Complete Deaths List


  • Commander Feral: 20
  • Enforcer Pilots: 17
  • T-Bone: 6
  • Razor: 5


MASA’s Bug Problem: 11

  • T-Bone launches 1 Ci-Kat-A drone into a sign using his grappling hook, electrocuting it.
  • Feral shoots 2 Ci-Kat-A drones with his chopper.
  • Razor uses Slicer Missiles to shoot down 2 of the Enforcer choppers whose (single) pilots had been bitten by the Ci-Kat-A, killing both the converted pilots and the drones who bit them.
  • T-Bone knocks 1 Ci-Kat-A off of the Turbokat and into an Enforcer chopper’s rotor blades.
  • T-Bone flies through a tunnel, scraping another Ci-Kat-A off of the cockpit canopy by squishing it against the roof.
  • T-Bone shoots down the remaining Enforcer chopper and its crew of converted pilot and Ci-Kat-A drone.

Torching the Alien Nest: 17

  • The Enforcers (Feral in particular) set fire to the Megakat Tower penthouse, burning up 16 Ci-Kat-A eggs (that we see).
  • The burning penthouse falls off of the building and lands on the queen, crushing her. Shared kill for the SWAT Kats (for tying up her wings so she fell) and Feral/the Enforcers (because them setting fire to the penthouse is what causes it to break off and land on her).


  • In the movie Chance and Jake see at the theater, it is strongly implied Hard Shell kills a downed fighter pilot, and then he himself is killed using a load of bug spray (“But for good? Who knows?”). However, this is a fictional movie within the show’s universe so neither death goes towards the episode’s body count. Besides, Hard Shell returns in the sequel in the same episode, anyway.
  • We never learn the fates of the converted MASA guards, numbering at least 7. 4 appear to be all knocked out and 3 just vanish (including the one with the mustache), while the Enforcers destroyed only the facility’s automated defense turrets.
  • Likewise, many Ci-Kat-A drones (particularly the one launched into space stuck in the rocket) are unaccounted for at the end of the episode.
  • It is unclear if the queen’s slash kills the nuclear power plant technician or not.
  • Although the converted Dr. Street takes an Octopus Missile to the face and is sent flying out the penthouse window of the Megakat Tower, he’s still screaming as he falls, so the impact of the missile didn’t kill him, plus he’s at the stage in his transformation where he has wings, so he could’ve regained control midfall and flown to safety. The episode premise for the unfinished episode The Doctors of Doom (9411) confirms Street does indeed survive. Even if that is non-canon, there’s enough doubt here in The Ci-Kat-A alone to leave Street’s fate unconfirmed.
  • Many more Ci-Kat-A eggs with larvae were probably destroyed at both MASA and the Megakat Tower, but I only counted the onscreen ones actually being torched.


12. Enter the Madkat (9311)

Complete Deaths List


  • Madkat: 7


My Ball Is Bigger: 7

  • Madkat crushes two Enforcer sedans in his giant bouncy ball form.
  • Still in ball form, Madkat crushes 6 cars while chasing after Feral and Manx.


  • We never find out what Lenny Ringtail did to the guard at the insane asylum.


13. Katastrophe (9313)

Complete Deaths List


  • Mac Mange: 13
  • Razor: 4
  • Mushroom Monster: 3
  • Dark Kat: 2
  • T-Bone: 1
  • Commander Feral: 1
  • Dr. Viper: 1
  • Molly Mange: 1


Megakat Labs Break-In: 5

  • Dr. Viper’s mushroom monster eats Alvie and another security guard offscreen.
  • Razor shoots 1 Creepling using the cement machine gun. It flies into a shelf of chemicals, setting off a chain reaction that destroys half the building, killing it and 2 other Creeplings.

The Metallikats Are Back: 12

  • Mac hits the Enforcer sergeant’s Peacekeeper tank with the Metallikat Express, sending it rolling (only the sergeant bails out) and crushing 2 approaching Enforcer sedans. All three vehicles blow up.
  • Mac rams and destroys 3 cars.
  • Mac sideswipes and destroys 3 more cars turning to chase Callie.

The Final Battle: 6

  • Dark Kat uses 2 of his Creeplings as shields when the Metallikats shoot at him. Shared kill.
  • Dr. Viper knocks 1 Creepling into the mushroom monster’s mouth, and he eats it. Shared kill.-Feral shoots 1 Creepling.
  • The SWAT Kats shoot 2 Creeplings. 1 kill each.


  • Dr. Viper knocks 1 Creepling out the lab window, but at such a low height, it’s possible the Creepling survived, unlike the ones who fell from the Fear Ship’s bomb bay in The Wrath of Dark Kat (9305).
  • It’s possible many other people were killed when Megakat Labs blew up. But maybe it was Sunday and everyone was gone except those two guards.
  • The interior of Megakat Savings blows up pretty violently when the Metallikats rob it, but no deaths are mentioned.
  • Although Feral survives his first chopper being shot down, it’s unclear if his pilot did.
  • The fourth car Mac hits using the Metallikat express doesn’t appear to crash in a manner that would kill the driver.
  • The episode never explains the fate of Manx’s chauffeur.
  • Although Dark Kat seemingly blows himself, Dr. Viper, the Metallikats and the mushroom monster up in the factory hideout, it’s clear at this point that the writers have no intention of keeping the main recurring villains dead. And as for the mushroom monster, he survived being exploded before, so despite never being seen again, his survival is a possibility.


Final Tally

Final Tally for Season One by My Estimation: 189 deaths.

Number of Kills Per Character:

  • Razor – 30
  • Mac Mange – 26
  • Commander Feral – 21
  • Hard Drive – 20
  • T-Bone – 18
  • Enforcer Pilots – 17
  • Cyclopes – 14
  • Morbulus (normal and mutated) – 12
  • Molly Mange – 11
  • Madkat – 7
  • The Red Lynx (both alive and undead) – 6
  • Pterodactyls – 4
  • Mushroom Monster – 3
  • Dark Kat – 2
  • Dr. Viper – 2
  • Creeplings – 2
  • King – 2
  • Dragon – 2
  • Mayor Manx – 1
  • Dr. Lieter Greenbox – 1
  • Harpies – 1

Body Count

  • Enforcer Body Count: 70
  • Civilian Body Count: 29*
  • Ci-Kat-A Body Count: 25
  • Megalith City Guard Body Count: 14
  • Creepling Body Count: 13
  • Plantimal Body Count: 12
  • Prehistoric Creature Body Count: 8**
  • Mythological Creature Body Count: 4
  • Undead Body Count: 4***
  • Animal Body Count: 1

*I’m including the mobsters.
**I’m including the sabertooth.
***Ditto; the sabertooth is explicitly described as “a zombie” in behind the scenes material.

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