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A Note on Vehicles: This list assumes that it is S.O.P. that:

  • Enforcer choppers have two pilots based on what we’re usually shown. So every destroyed helicopter counts as two deaths unless any interior shots of the aircraft confirm only one pilot.
  • Enforcer jets come in both two-seater and single-seater configurations. Single-seaters however seem to be more common, so, unless explicitly shown otherwise, all destroyed jets where no one ejects count as one death.
  • Enforcer Peacekeepers have a driver and gunner as default, except in situations where there is a commander (Feral, Felina or one of the Enforcer sergeants). The commander is usually a named character and is visibly poking out of the turret hatch. Two Enforcer commandos per tank is based on what we see in episodes such as season’s Destructive Nature (9304) and Metal Urgency (9312) and this season’s Unlikely Alloys (9408). Every tank destroyed without someone besides the commander bailing out counts as two deaths.
  • Regular Enforcer sedans (also referred to in production material as “prowl cars”) seem to generally carry two sergeants or commandos apiece without exception.
  • This season introduces the Enforcer halftrack (or “Enforcer Howitzer,” as the model sheets call them). As with other Enforcer vehicles, we’ll assume at least two crew, a driver and gunner.
  • All other anonymous civilian vehicles that aren’t obviously parked (i.e. destroyed while in motion) presumably have a single driver. Thus each destroyed car counts as one death.

Further Notes:

  • Characters who kill themselves (intentionally or accidentally) count for 1 kill for that character (or more if their actions kill others).

1. Mutation City (9402)

Season Two - Complete Deaths List


  • Dr. Viper: 2
  • T-Bone: 1
  • Razor: 1
  • Mutants: 1


New Swamp City: 1

  • The homeless kat is killed by a tentacled mutant offscreen (as with Dr. Zyme in season one, his death is never confirmed, but we’re clearly meant to think he died.)

Mission to Megakat Biochemical: 3

  • The SWAT Kats kill 2 giant frogs using their Macrowave Blasters.-A mutant eats T-Bone’s jetski, which explodes, killing it.

Viperzilla: 2

  • Viper destroys an Enforcer chopper.


  • Many citizens were probably either drowned in mutagen or killed by monsters, but this is never shown or discussed. Maybe Viper flooded the city on a Sunday and everyone was on vacation.
  • Feral shoots several giant frogs with his laser pistol, but it doesn’t appear to hurt them.
  • When breaking free of the “scum snake,” the SWAT Kats rip its tentacles off and they don’t regrow, however we don’t know if this was fatal for the creature.
  • The SWAT Kats shoot some tentacles using their Macrowave Blasters, and unlike previous instances, the tentacles don’t regrow that we see, but we don’t know if this is fatal to the creature they’re attached to.
  • We don’t know if anyone was in the blue building the giant Dr. Viper destroys with his tail.
  • Some Enforcers may have been killed when Viper hits Enforcer Headquarters with his tail.


2. A Bright and Shiny Future (9401)

Season Two - Complete Deaths List


  • The Pastmaster: 12
  • Razor: 5
  • Robots: 4
  • T-Bone: 3


The Pastmaster Returns: 11

  • The Pastmaster blows a hole through the bridge with his magic pocketwatch, causing 9 cars we don’t see anyone bail out of to fall into the bay.
  • The Pastmaster shoots down an Enforcer chopper with the pocketwatch.

The Future Megakat City: 4

  • T-Bone tricks 2 Metallitack Units into crashing into a building.
  • The bridge robot, blinded by a Tarpit Missile by Razor, accidentally destroys 2 Metallitack Units. Shared kill with Razor.

Flashback to the Future: 4

  • The future Razor blows up 2 robot choppers.
  • The Turbokat crashes into City Hall, killing the future T-Bone and Razor.

Rescuing Pop: 2

  • The SWAT Kats drop live wires onto a robot, electocuting and blowing it up. Shared kill between T-Bone and Razor.
  • The Pastmaster knocks a second robot onto the wires, causing it to be electrocuted and blown up as well.


  • During the flashback, the Metallitack Units crush some Enforcer sedans, but it’s likely these were just set up in a roadblock fashion and nobody was in them.


3. When Strikes Mutilor (9403)

Season Two - Complete Deaths List


  • Razor: 16
  • Alien Pilots: 3
  • Felina Feral: 2
  • T-Bone: 1
  • Commander Feral: 1
  • Mutilor: 1


In the Tradition of Brotherhood and Galactic Peace: 5

  • Felina shoots down 1 Marauder.
  • Feral shoots down 1 Marauder.
  • The Marauders shoot down 3 Enforcer jets.

The Thunder-Truck: 2

  • Felina shoots down 1 Marauder with her bazooka.
  • Razor shoots down 1 Marauder with the Thunder-Truck’s laser.

The Right to Remain… Silent?: 1

  • Felina finds a downed Marauder with its pilot dead inside (the script confirms he’s dead).

Clipping the SWAT Kats’ Claws: 10

  • Confused by Razor’s smokescreen, 3 Marauders crash into each other.
  • Razor destroys 4 Marauders using Drop-Tops (we only see three go down, but we see four get hit and Traag confirms the “entire squadron” of previously establushed 10 Marauders is destroyed).
  • Razor destroys 3 Marauders using Match-Head Missiles.

Boarding the Mothership: 2

  • The SWAT Kats use their shields to deflect the guards’ laser blasts back into them, killing at least 2.

Space Battle: 1

  • Razor stops up Mutilor’s gun with a Buzzsaw Missile. When Mutilor fires, it explodes, destroying his ship and killing him. Shared kill.


  • Some alien guards may have been killed by the impact of Felina crashing the Marauder into the mothership’s bridge, but it’s difficult to tell which of the bodies on the floor are dead or just knocked out.-It’s unclear who shot down the Marauder Felina finds. Even the script doesn’t say. Consequently, we don’t know whose kill the dead pilot is.


4. Razor's Edge (9404)

Season Two - Complete Deaths List


  • Dark Kat: 14
  • Razor: 6


Robbing Katalytic Laboratories: 4

  • The Black Widow shoots down 2 Enforcer choppers.

Attack on the Electric Substation: 8

  • The Black Widow crushes 3 Peacekeepers.
  • The Black Widow gums up the rotor blades of 2 Enforcer choppers, causing them to drop out of the sky.

The Main Power Grid: 2

  • The Black Widow shoots 2 Enforcer commandos on the roof.

Shorting out the Spider Craft: 6

  • 2 Creeplings and 4 kommando-kats are killed by exploding control panels when Razor floods the Black Widow and short circuits it.


  • We don’t know if the guard at Megakat Super Conductors dies or simply falls unconscious after hitting the alarm. It’s more likely the latter, considering he was simply thrown.
  • The Black Widow gums up the rotor blades of 3 Enforcer choppers. However, they manage to fly down land safely on a roof and because Feral and Felina were in one and survived, it’s safe to the assume the other pilots did as well.
  • The Black Widow steps on a car carrier, but it’s doubtful there was a driver inside.
  • It’s possible there were people in the buildings the Black Widow smashes, but because it’s night it’s conceivable there weren’t very many people at work.
  • The Black Widow steps on a car, but it was parked so it’s unlikely there was anyone inside.
  • It’s possible more Creeplings and kommando-kats died when the Black Widow crashes.


5a. Cry Turmoil (9421)

Season Two - Complete Deaths List


  • Razor: 6


Party Time: 3

  • 3 Omega Squadron jets crash into one another after their pilots are blinded by Razor’s Flashbulb Missiles.

Leaving the Goodbyes to Razor: 3

  • Razor shoots down 3 Omega Squadron jets with Buzzsaw Missiles.


  • We don’t know what happened to the third Omega Squadron pilot who got blinded by the Flashbulb Missile.
  • Razor leaves one of Turmoil’s guards tied up under a sheet. We never find out what happens to her. Either she was found and released or died when the Sky-Lion crashes into the bay.
  • Many of Turmoil’s followers probably failed to abandon ship and died when the Sky-Lion crashes (even if the lieutenant claims everyone but her and Turmoil already bailed out, several of the crew had to have at least been killed by T-Bone’s bombs).


5b. SWAT Kats Unplugged (9422)

Season Two - Complete Deaths List


  • Hard Drive: 6
  • Chopshop: 4


The SWAT Kats’ Most Elusive Adversary: 4

  • Chopshop shoots down 2 Enforcer choppers.

Going for the Gold: 6

  • Hard Drive blows up the armored train car, killing 4 gunners.
  • Hard Drive shoots down 1 Enforcer chopper.


  • Hard Drive misses the SWAT Kats with his lasers and hits a building, but we don’t know if anyone was killed.


6. The Deadly Pyramid (9405)

Season Two - Complete Deaths List


  • Razor: 4
  • Mummy Commandos: 4
  • T-Bone: 2
  • Commander Feral: 1


Mondo-Mummies from Ragsville: 4

  • A mummy throws the empty tour bus into an Enforcer chopper, blowing it up.
  • A mummy flings the lead Enforcer pilot’s chopper into the mountainside, killing him and his co-pilot.

Attack on Megakat City: 4

  • A mummy shoots down 2 Enforcer choppers.

The Mummies’ Weakness: 4

  • T-Bone flies the mummy clinging to the Turbokat into a building, cracking his visor. The sunlight flooding into his eyes causes him to melt.
  • The SWAT Kats fire Mini-Octopus Missiles into the visors of 2 mummies, cracking them and causing them to be melted by the sun.
  • Feral shoots a mummy’s visor, causing the sun to melt it.

Infiltrating the Pyramid: 2

  • Razor melts the mummies who abducted Callie by kicking their visors and then shining a flashlight into their eyes.

Crashing the Pastmaster’s Wedding: 1

  • Razor throws the Pastmaster into a sarcophagus, which falls onto and crushed the magic headdress, causing Katchu Picchu to melt and destroying the pyramid.


  • Although the mummies destroy the bus, it appears (when seen through Razor’s targeting scope) that everyone manages to get away in time.
  • A mummy throws a car into a building, but it’s unclear if anyone was in the vehicle or if the impact killed anyone inside the building.
  • Although Feral survives his chopper crashing, it’s unclear if his co-pilot does.
  • The mummies sent to capture Callie punch their way through some buildings when she runs into an alley too narrow for them to fit through, but it’s unclear if there are any casualties.
  • Cybertron is badly damaged from his battle with mummies when one of them flings him into a building, and Hackle says it’ll be difficult to repair him, but he is intact and was slated to return in the unfinished episode Turmoil 2: The Revenge (9410).
  • We see the mummies shooting at a line of Peacekeepers defending City Hall, but none are shown hit or destroyed onscreen.
  • We don’t know if anyone was killed when the mummy hanging on to the Turbokat hit the building.
  • A mummy steps on an Enforcer sedan but it’s unclear if there was anyone in it.
  • The Pastmaster falls into lava when the pyramid gets destroyed, and although he was not slated for any future appearances in this season, it remains unclear where this was intended to kill him off for good. As noted in my season one body count breakdown, he’s a time-traveling villain and so he can always come back from a time before this episode’s events.


7. Caverns of Horror (9407)

Season Two - Complete Deaths List


  • T-Bone: 7
  • Scorpions: 5
  • Razor: 2


A Crazy Idea: 3

  • T-Bone causes a cave-in, killing 3 giant scorpions.

The Terrible Truth: 5

  • The trapped Ann Gora finds the remains of the 5 missing miners in the scorpion leader’s pit.

Battle Over the Lava: 5

  • Razor uses his shield to deflect a scorpion’s blows, knocking it into the lava.
  • T-Bone shoots a stalactite, knocking 1 scorpion into the lava.
  • Razor kicks 1 scorpion into the lava.-Razor karate chops the stalactite 1 scorpion is clinging to, dropping it into the lava.
  • T-Bone drops a huge boulder onto 1 scorpion, crushing it.

Rescuing Ann: 1

  • T-Bone throws Ann into a scorpion, knocking them both off a cliff; he dives down using his Delta Bak Bak’s jetpack function and rescues Ann, allowing the scorpion to continue falling into the lava.

A Taste of the Turbokat: 1

  • Using the Speed of Heat, T-Bone flies into the upper atmosphere with the scorpion leader clinging to the jet. It loses its grip and falls off and the toxic waste in its body ignites from the jet’s backwash, blowing it up.


  • Conklin is flung several feet into the air and goes flying offscreen, but we never find out what happens to him.
  • The scorpion leader flings the Turbomole into the mega digging machine (a big excavator), but it doesn’t appear as if the operator is in the cab.


8a. Volcanus Erupts! (9423)

Season Two - Complete Deaths List


  • Volcanus: 14
  • Razor: 1


The Fire Demon’s Fury: 12

  • Volcanus breathes on an Enforcer chopper, blowing it up. It falls into the water and sinks.
  • Volcanus throws an electrical tower into 3 Enforcer sedans, electrocuting them, then melting an additional 2 when he walks through (and melts!) the bridge they’re on.

Attacking the Nuclear Power Plant: 2

  • Volcanus breathes fire on an Enforcer halftrack, destroying it.

Taking Out Lava Breath: 1

  • Razor’s bomb in Volcanos’ weak spot blows him up.


  • It doesn’t appear as if anyone is killed by the erupting volcano or Volcanus flinging his fireball at the bulldozer.
  • A few bystanders may have been killed by Volcanus’ rampage across the island to the beach, but it’s unclear.
  • When Volcanus sinks Manx’s speedboat, the only person aboard is the driver. He leaps into the water at the last second and it’s unclear what happens to him.
  • Some workers may have died when Volcanus blows up the fuel tanks by the docks.
  • Volcanus blows up numerous buildings during his rampage through the city, but no deaths are mentioned. Another blissful Sunday in Megakat City.-Volcanus smashes an addition two buildings en route to the nuclear power plant, but again it’s unclear if anyone was inside.


8b. The Origin of Dr. Viper (9424)

Season Two - Complete Deaths List


  • T-Bone: 4
  • Razor: 4
  • Dr. N. Zyme: 1


A Fatal Tumble: 1

  • Dr. Zyme kicks his briefcase at Purvis, knocking him down the stairs, accidentally causing him to spill the Viper Mutagen on himself. The shock to Purvis’ system kills him (even though he revives as Dr. Viper later).

Better Than a Flyswatter: 4

  • T-Bone drops a chunk of the ceiling onto 4 giant mosquitoes, crushing them.

Taking the Sting Outta Their Tails: 4

  • Razor blows up the refinery, killing 4 giant wasps.


  • T-Bone “kills” cardboard cutouts of Dark Kat and Mayor Manx in the reflex room.
  • It’s possible there were some workers at the refinery when it blew up, but this is not dwelt on.


9. The Dark Side of the SWAT Kats (9406)

Season Two - Complete Deaths List


  • Razor: 2
  • Evil Razor: 2


Aerial Battle: 4

  • Evil Razor shoots down 2 Enforcer jets (assuming 1 pilot per jet).
  • Razor prevents the evil SWAT Kats from dropping the already armed particle ionizer mega-bomb. Stuck in their Turbokat’s bomb bay, it detonates, vaporizing both them and their jet.


  • We don’t know if evil Razor killed the first guard he and evil T-Bone jump outside of Puma-Dyne or if they just knocked him out.
  • The Enforcer commando evil Callie gases isn’t killed; the script confirms he survives and he’s the one who contacts Feral on the radio that the SWAT Kats have escaped.


10. Unlikely Alloys (9408)

Season Two - Complete Deaths List


  • T-Bone: 5
  • Razor: 3
  • Molly Mange: 1


Zed’s “Antibodies”: 8

  • The SWAT Kats destroy 3 antibody drones. T-Bone and Razor get 2 for sure. It’s unclear who destroys the third, but since it’s screen right I’m guessing T-Bone.
  • Molly shoots 1 antibody drone.-The backwash from the Delta Bak Baks’ max afterburners destroy 4 antibody drones.

Pulling the Plug: 1

  • T-Bone uses one of the tendrils like a whip to knock the micro-brain repair unit off of the interface helmet Greenbox is wearing, shattering it and killing Zed.


  • It doesn’t appear as if anyone is killed during the chaotic battle at the mint, and in fact see the SWAT Kats pulling survivors (Feral, Felina and a commando) from the rubble.
  • Some people may have been killed during Zed’s attack against Puma-Dyne and when he destroys the mountain, but this is not clear.
  • Others may have been killed by debris when Zed’s giant body falls apart after T-Bone smashes the micro-brain repair unit, but again we can’t be sure.


Final Tally

Final Tally for Season Two by My Estimation: 150 deaths.

Number of Kills Per Character:

  • Razor – 48
  • T-Bone – 23
  • Dark Kat: 14
  • Volcanus: 14
  • The Pastmaster – 12
  • Mummy Commandos – 8
  • Hard Drive: 6
  • Giant Scorpions: 5
  • Chopshop – 4
  • Robots – 4
  • Alien Pilots – 3
  • Commander Feral – 2
  • Felina Feral – 2
  • Dr. Viper – 2
  • Evil Razor: 2
  • Molly Mange – 1
  • Dr. N. Zyme – 1
  • Mutilor – 1
  • Mutants – 1

Body Count

  • Enforcer Body Count: 19
  • Civilian Body Count: 19*
  • Alien Body Count: 18**
  • Dr. Viper’s Mutants Body Count: 12
  • Robot Body Count: 19***
  • Giant Scorpion Body Count: 9****
  • Mummy Body Count: 7*****
  • Omega Squadron Body Count: 6
  • Kommando-Kat Body Count: 4
  • Future SWAT Kat Body Count: 2
  • Evil SWAT Kat Body Count: 2
  • Creepling Body Count: 2
  • Demon Body Count: 1

*Including Elrod Purvis.
**Including Mutilor.
***Including Zed and his antibody drones.
****Including the leader.
*****Including Katchu Picchu.

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