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Animato! Unproduced Episodes Exclusive


All written by Glenn Leopold, provided by Lance Falk, with commentary by Lance Falk.

Source: Animato!, Spring 1995, Issue #32 by Mark Lungo

DISCLAIMER: Unless otherwise noted, all comments are those of the author.


  • Turmoil II: The Revenge
    Turmoil busts out of jail. It opens up in a women’s prison, and this big mole machine comes out of the ground and [the prisoners] all pile into it. Turmoil busts out the entire women’s prison, and they all work for her.

    "She gets ahold of a massive laser satellite system, or a big death beam, I’ve forgotten exactly what it was. It’s controlled from her fortress, which is a castle on top of a snowbound mountain. The SWAT Kats must scale the mountain and do all this snow fighting stuff. It’s real James Bond-ish."
  • Doctors of Doom
    Dr. Viper teams up with Dr. Harley Street, the alien- possessed scientist from “The Ci-Kat-A” (hence the title).“

    "They create a lot of monsters that have to be blown up within 22 minutes. I hardly remember that one.”
  • The Curse of Kataluna
    “It was a succubus story, about a woman that Commander Feral really had a thing for, and she was really draining the life out of him. He was getting older and older through the show, until he was practically a mummy at the end. [Kataluna] drained his energy and became this big, huge harpy, and she had other harpy things that helped, her, and they were terrorizing the city.”

    The SWAT Kats became involved when a justifiably concerned Felina Feral called on them to help save her uncle. Kataluna was voiced by Nancy Linari, who had played Morticia on H-B’s 1992-94 Addams Family series.

    “‘Kataluna’ was a real strong episode with another terrific female villain,” Falk says. “It used Commander Feral more than any of the other shows that used him , it was really Feral’s episode.”

    Not surprisingly, Dr. Sinian also appears; after helping the SWAT Kats defeat the Pastmaster and the Red Lynx, she’s an old hand at handling supernatural villains by now.

SWAT Kats Unproduced Episodes

In December 2017, Tremblay Bros. Studios released a number of exclusive, never-before-seen production materials to, which included scripts and treatments for some of these unproduced episodes. Visit the following links below to learn more.

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