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The End - The Giant Bacteria Reviewed
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We cut back inside the labs, where we find Dr. Viper busy gathering up armloads of canisters labeled Katalyst 99. And it just occurred to me that we never know why Viper actually wants Katalyst 99. His rant about having the power to destroy Megakat City is vague at best. He can’t want the chemical, especially so much of it, just to have it!

And I take back what I said about Callie having the sense to run; rather than beating feet, she chooses to remain behind and scold Viper for his evil deeds, telling him he won’t get away with this, etc. She then has the temerity to act surprised when Viper grabs her with his big snake tail and takes her hostage. Oh, and s’more crummy animation: the window goes from being broken, to unbroken, then broken again, all throughout this scene.

The SWAT Kats just happen to fly past the window and witness Callie’s abduction, and, oh boy, another blooper! Suddenly T-Bone and Razor swap fur colors! The last remaining bacteria monster, still with only one eye and now mysteriously having hit a growth spurt (it’s roughly the size of a skyscraper), chases the Turbokat out onto a bridge with some powerlines running over it. Likely, you can see where this is going. A serrated blade-thing pops out of the wing of the Turbokat, cutting the powerlines as the jet flies underneath them. The downed lines then fall on the monster, who is then electrocuted and, like its bretheren, melts into brown sludge and dies. This bit is actually fairly well done, what with the way the bacteria monster jerkily convulses as its fried.

The SWAT Kats then fly back to Megakat Biochemical Labs. Mysteriously, Dr. Viper hasn’t bothered to, like, escape yet, and the window is once again unbroken (!!). But not for long, as suddenly the Turbokat smashes through the window and lands inside the lab, which is amazingly big enough to contain the aircraft. This action forces Dr. Viper to drop Callie (and his load of Katalyst 99) and fly back into the far wall.

Hopping out of the jet, T-Bone declares to Viper that the “game’s over,” while Razor aims a big bazooka at the mad scientist. But there’s “still one more play,” as Viper grabs a couple of the canisters of Katalyst 99 and shakes them up, them tosses them at the SWAT Kats. Katalyst 99 proves to be highly combustible, as the canisters explode, starting a fire that quickly spreads to some shelves of flammable chemicals.


The End - The Giant Bacteria Reviewed

Megakat Biochemical explodes violently, but the Turbokat emerges through the smoke and flames completely unscathed regardless; the SWAT Kats even had time to put Callie into the jet with them.

I find this difficult to swallow. Anyway they land in the street and help Callie down from the jet, while Commander Feral bitches at them through a bullhorn from his chopper overheard. Seems that by cutting those powerlines, the SWAT Kats have caused “half of Megakat City” to suffer a power outtage. Not that this bothers “our heroes” too much, as T-Bone merely asks Feral, “You know a better way to cook a giant bacteria?” Again, how do they know what the creatures are (or were, rather)?

The SWAT Kats hop back into the Turbokat and take off, giving a thumbs-up to Callie (and to the audience, I suspect). As they fly home, they spot Burke and Murray (remember them?) cleaning up the piles of burnt, melted bacteria with a bulldozer. Having a good laugh at their expense, T-Bone predicts that they have “a looooong day ahead of ’em.” The End.

Phew. Anyways, despite my riffing on it it, “The Giant Bacteria” really does hold a special place in my heart despite all its faults, and despite the sheer grossness of some parts. But that doesn’t mean it’s without its problems. Most of these issues are minor ones, but I really feel like the writers and animators just gave up in the second half of the episode and in their rush to end the story as quickly as possible made a crapload of mistakes they wouldn’t have otherwise.

And, Dr. Viper is the first of the show’s main villains who come back from the dead without explanation, since he’s quite obviously blown up at the end of this story but returns a mere two episodes later, and they don’t even bother to explain why.

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