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An unofficial timeline and list of events in the SWAT Kat Universe. No actual dates are displayed as none are available – the point of reference used is the debut of the SWAT Kats in Megakat City.

  • YBSK= Years Before SWAT Kats debut
  • YASK= Years After SWAT Kats debut
  • * = Asserted


65million YBSK* – Prehistoric Era

Dinosaurs roam the planet and the mighty Megasaurus Rex reigns supreme.

800 YBSK – Dark Ages

The Pastmaster wreaks havoc in Megalith City, attempting to forcefully win the hand of Queen Callista in marriage. He is eventually stopped by a medieval counsel that imprisons him in a casket where he remains for 800 years.

700 YBSK* – Court Jester Canned

Court Jester Madkat is replaced by a rival entertainer and then sent to a dungeon where he goes insane and vows revenge.

50 YBSK – Megawar II

Presumably occurring some time after Megawar I the world is in turmoil as full out conflict has broken out. The Red Lynx, the most evil pilot in history, rules the skies until he meets his aeronautical equal. The Blue Manx earns his reputation and legacy as he shoots down the Red Lynx, thus ending a reign of terror.

1 YBSK* – Modern Day

Enforcers Jake Clawson and Chance Furlong pursue the renegade Dark Kat in hopes of preventing the megalomaniac from destroying the newly christened Enforcer Headquarters. Controversy follows as an accident occurs that results in the destruction of the aforementioned building. Jake and Chance are kicked off the force and sentenced to work on a Salvage Yard where they must repay the cost of the damages. With their current wages it will take the two 1000 years to do so. Jake and Chance come to a conclusion that leads them to become vigilantes.

0 SK* – The SWAT Kats are formed

Becoming vigilantes the two enforce their own brand of justice as the SWAT Kats. During this period of time they construct the Turbokat and meet Callico Briggs.

0.1 YASK – Dr. Viper

Elrod Purvis is mutated in an accident caused by his own greed, thus becoming the infamous biochemical master of destruction, Dr. Viper.

0.2 YASK – The Pastmaster Returns

Unearthed by a pair of unwitting grave robbers the Pastmaster is released from his casket after 800 years of waiting.

0.3 YASK – Morbulus Attacks Oil Refineries

Morbulus is “befriended” by Dr. Viper, who then mutates the unsuspecting bomber into a mindless Giant Bacteria which the scientists intends to use to infiltrate Megakat Biochemical.

0.3 YASK – Dark Kat Returns

After a long absence the master of evil returns to Megakat City in the hopes of completing his old challenge of destroying Enforcer Headquarters, this time with a nuclear bomb. Dark Kat also “meets” the SWAT Kats for the first time.

0.4 YASK – Dr. Viper’s Spore Pod

Enraged by his defeat the mutated scientist returns with a new philosophy: transforming Megakat City into a swamp realm from which he shall rule all. Taking over Megakat Tower he plants his spore pod that will explode and fill the city with its mutational elements.

0.5 YASK – The Metallikats are born

Gangsters Mac and Molly Mange drown while attempting to escape from Alkatraz. Professor Hackle saves their memories onto a hard disk and gives them robotic bodies. The two use their new found abilities to seek revenge and instill a new reign of crime.

0.55 YASK – Crystal Catastrophe

Rex Shard gets unnatural crystal powers as he is physically altered during a prison mining assignment, and grows to the size of a skyscraper.

0.6 YASK – Time Travel

Inadvertently bringing the SWAT Kats back to the Dark Ages the Pastmaster faces new opposition in his bid for marriage and power in Megalith City.

0.7 YASK – Dark Kat’s Revenge

Hard Drive makes his surge coat debut as he upgrades himself from ATM theft to stealing government secrets. Dark Kat sees the technology thief’s potential and enlists him in framing the SWAT Kats to fulfill his need for revenge.

0.8 YASK – Aliens and Ghosts

Occurring in close proximity with one another, the Red Lynx is resurrected and seeks revenge on the Manx lineage and a sort time after Ci-Kat-A aliens invade the planet via being brought to it by Kat Sat 1.

0.9 YASK – That’s not funny

Lenny Ringtail is commited to an insane asylum and escapes, eventually finding his way to an old antique shop where he finds a “kat in the box” that is possessed by the spirit of Madkat. Merging together Ringtail becomes Madkat and uses his new “demi-god” powers to seek his revenge on those that caused his failure.

0.99 YASK – Brief Appearances

Puma-Dyne is raided by Hard Drive who steals the Behemoth, a prototype tank with a force field, and proceeds to wreak havoc in the complex. Commander Feral’s entire strike force is unable to stop him, while the SWAT Kats make short work of the techno crook.

1 YASK – Metallikats Return

Salvaging the pieces after their destruction, Professor Hackle rebuilds the Metallikats in an effort to reformat them…and fails. Back at 100% the two go after the SWAT Kats and discover their secret identities. Wreaking Havoc with Puma-Dyne’s Mac Robots they are eventually stopped and destroyed.

1.1 YASK* – Time Travel 2

The Pastmaster begins to take steps in creating his alternate future by taking the parts of the Metallikats and restoring them with his magic powers. Avoiding paradox via unknown means the Pastmaster takes them to the future.

1.2 YASK – Alliance of Evil

On a routine venture to Megakat Biochemical Dr. Viper encounters Dark Kat, and after a brief confrontation they decide to become allies. Stealing the parts of the Metallikats they reassemble the bionic gangsters and form an “Invincible Alliance of Evil” with one goal in mind: Destroy the SWAT Kats.

1.21 YASK – Turbokat Destroyed

In an effort to stop the alliance the SWAT Kats sacrifice their beloved jet in order to save Mayor Manx and Callico Briggs.

1.3 YASK – Peace

After the defeat and alleged death of the “Alliance of Evil” a temporary peace falls over Megakat City as the SWAT Kats work on rebuilding.

1.7 YASK – Turbokat Rebuilt

After much time and effort the SWAT Kats rebuild their jet and install a prototype “Speed of Heat” engine assembly.

1.71 YASK – Mutilor drains the planet’s Water Supply

Space Pirate Mutilor using a stolen water carrying vessel takes the planet’s water supply in an effort to sell it for his own personal profit.

1.9 YASK – Dr. Viper Resurfaces

Using the hi-jacked Katalyst X-63 Dr. Viper makes his final assault on the city by literally mutating it from the ground up. Eventually transforming into a giant version of himself he attacks Enforcer HQ and is narrowly stopped by a solo Razor who delivers a huge dose of anti-mutigen. Dr. Viper is de-mutated and never seen again.

2 YASK – Pastmaster’s Revenge

The Pastmaster abducts the SWAT Kats and disappears with them into a time vortex.

2.3 YASK – Dark Kat’s alive?

Orchestrating a maniacal plan of revenge Dark Kat uses his assumed “death” to his advantage, manipulating Razor into guilt and developing the Black Widow to destroy the city with. This is Dark Kat’s last appearance in Megakat City.

2.5 YASK – Robots and Magic

Professor Hackle builds the Cybertron for the SWAT Kats, his way of apologizing for all the trouble the Metallikats caused them. The Pastmaster also makes a surprising reappearance with the Jewled Headdress of Katchu Pichu, and uses it to resurrect an army of building sized “commando” mummies along with the Pyramid of Katchu Pichu, which he uses as his base of operations.

A large conflict ensues and eventually the fight is brought directly to the Pastmaster. Both he and Razor fight for a few moments until the Pastmaster is dispatched, and the headdress broken. The pyramid collapses and the Pastmaster is finally laid to rest as he is incinerated in molten lava below the structure.

2.7 YASK – Underground Troubles

Tiger Conklin, CEO of Megakat Metallurgical, is found to have been illegally dumping toxic waste underground which caused giant aggracite scorpions to form, resulting in the deaths of many miners.

2.8 YASK – Fire Demon

Anakata Island is prepped for construction, and in the process and protective talisman stone is destroyed, and the fire demon Valcanus is awakened from his slumber. The creature proceeds to make its way inland to Megakat City, where it is stopped by the SWAT Kats.

2.9 YASK – Technology Thief at Heart

Hard Drive returns to Puma-Dyne and steals the Anti Weapons Scrambler, a device capable of shutting down any weapons system. He uses it to disable the Megakat High Speed Railway and steal gold on transportation from the mint. He also uses it against the SWAT Kats, who then in turn must rely on their wits to handle Hard Drive.

3 YASK – The Trouble with Turmoil

Wielding an airship with seemingly unlimited power the air tyrant known as Turmoil takes over Megakat City’s air ways with the demands of 1 million in gold per week. Abducting the SWAT Kats right out of the sky she is amazed by the piloting skills of T-Bone. Razor manages to eject in time but T-Bone is trapped and brought aboard. T-Bone soon realizes that Turmoil’s interest in him is more than just “professional” and proceeds to seduce the tyrant.

In doing so he manages to plant charges at different points around the airship, and when Razor returns to rescue him he turns on his “girlfriend.” The two SWAT Kats escape and T-Bone detonates the charges, sending Turmoil’s ship and ambitions crashing into the ocean.

3.2 YASK – Alternate Dimensions

While testing a prototype Dimensional Radar the Turbokat is hit by lightening and the SWAT Kats are tossed into an alternate dimension where they’re criminals and work for Dark Kat. It also turns out that the evil SWAT Kats are also lingering about, and they don’t like “impostors.”

3.4 YASK – World Domination

The Metallikats make a mysterious reappearance at Megakat Mint where they proceed to rob it. The SWAT Kats arrive on the scene and give Commander Feral some back up as they take care of the renegade robots. Molly is injured in the confrontation, and Mac takes her away to safety. In the hopes of repairing her, Mac goes to Megakat University where Dr. Greenbox has been working on his latest invention, the Microbrain Repair Unit. Using the device Mac repairs both himself and Molly, but some strange things start to happen.

The device gained sentience and become contaminated with the Metallikat’s criminal personalities. An alliance soon followed between the artificial persons, and was just as quickly terminated, as the device took on the name Zed and began assimilating anything made of metal, quickly transforming into a skyscraper-sized menace, plotting world domination as its new purpose.

After a complicated series of events (and the assimilation of Mac) the SWAT Kats along with Greenbox and Molly Mange infiltrate Zed with the intentions of deactivating it. Both Molly and Greenbox turn on the SWAT Kats, Molly getting assimilated and Greenbox merging with Zed. Creator and creation now together, they proceed to Puma-Dyne and steal the Megabeam laser satellite, a device capable of stopping earthquakes from orbit. Zed assimilates the laser, and demonstrates is destructive potential as it destroys a mountain with the destructive force of multiple nuclear bombs. Zed then re-targets for Megakat City, and T-Bone (who was captured along with Razor earlier) by pure force of will breaks free from his restraints and destroys Zed’s original body, the spherical Microbrain Repair Unit held by Greenbox.

With no force holding it together anymore the gigantic metal monstrosity that is Zed comes apart and collapses in a massive pile of scrap.

5 YASK* – Hackle’s inventions work

Professor Hackle at long last designs a creation to help katkind as thousands of Worker Robots are put to use throughout the city performing various tasks.

7 YASK* – Evil Lives On

That Pastmaster takes the Metallikats to the future where he gives them access to the Central Robot Control Matrix that controls every worker robot in Megakat City. The Metallikats now make their bid for power as exterminators of all “non-metallic life forms.”

7.5 YASK* – SWAT Kats are Killed

After a long hard fought battle fighting alongside the Enforcers the SWAT Kats are shot down and collide into City Hall, causing a massive explosion that is seen for miles. With the SWAT Kats gone, the Metallikats easily take over the city and rebuild it in their likeness.

8 YASK* – Back from the Past

The Pastmaster has taken the SWAT Kats from the past out of their timeline and into the new one that he has created. Dropping them in the middle of Metallikat City he hopes to destroy the SWAT Kats for all time. However, his former allies turn on him, and under the premise that “all non-metallic life forms must be made slaves” the Pastmaster is betrayed and his watch taken. The SWAT Kats manage to escape and team up with refugees that have survived the atrocsity, Mayor Manx, Callico Briggs, Commander Feral, Lt. Feral and Professor Hackle. After Manx and Briggs are captured the SWAT Kats lead an attack on Metallikat Headquarters in conjunction with the Pastmaster. With the help of the Commander and Felina in the Turbokat, the SWAT Kats are able to disable the Central Robot Control Matrix, and send the Metallikats running.

Hackle manages to reprogram the Matrix and the Metallikats are soon captured by their former robotic followers. The Pastmaster quickly attempts a double cross as he retrieves his watch and travels back to the past. The SWAT Kats follow in the Turbokat, catching him with a couple grappling hooks. They then proceed to throw the Pastmaster back into his vortex, thus correcting the timeline and restoring things to the way they were.

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